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Nanu Pillow Review

Reviewed by David Ashworth

Nanu pillows are manufactured to the specific design of each individual customer and intended to provide “the perfect sleep experience”. The company has over forty years experience and manufactures ten million pillows per year, taking into account the customers height, weight and specific sleep preferences for the perfect custom made pillow.

Ordering the pillows is a simple step by step process via the company website nanusleep.co.uk. When ordering a pillow, it is tailored to suit the customer’s height, weight and most common sleeping positions. It also allows you to adjust the density of your pillow ranging from very soft to firm, making each pillow unique to your own preferences.

I must admit at this point, when ordering the pillow I was slightly surprised that each pillow costs £30 with free delivery (£3.95 for express delivery). I, like many others, like to shop for the best deals and have rarely spent more than a few pounds on a pillow previously. However, upon arrival of the pillow, I can honestly say my mind was changed. The sheer quality and comfort of the pillow in conjunction with the excellent service and simplicity of ordering would be well worth the cost.

Delivery of the pillow was extremely quick. After being informed the pillow would take five to seven working days to manufacture and deliver, it arrived at my door within two working days.

The pillow was securely packaged in a large cardboard box to prevent any damaging or bending of the pillow and wrapped in personalised company packing paper, meaning it arrived in pristine condition. My Nanu pillow also came with a personalised message from the manufacturer thanking me for the order and explaining the process and care taken into account when making my pillow to my own specific needs.

Upon unboxing, the quality of the Nanu pillow was evident immediately. It was designed exactly how I wanted and obviously of excellent quality.

The Nanu pillow is extremely comfortable and returns to its original shape instantly when pressure is removed. As a person who suffers with chronic back pain and particularly has a hard time lying still for long periods of time, I was amazed at just how comfortable the product was, taking a lot of the pressure off my shoulder and neck area. Also, due to the quality and thickness of the pillow, I was able to remove all other pillows from my bed and forsake them in favour of my new Nanu.

As I previously commented, justifying the price of the Nanu pillow seemed like a difficult task until I actually received and used the pillow. The absolute quality of the product, designed to my own specific taste and sleep patterns has afforded me several excellent night’s sleep and provided a great deal of comfort in place of my usual back and neck pain. Also the process of ordering the pillow was a breeze and took up literally a few moments of my time and upon receipt of the pillow it became obvious the care and experience that went into my personalised Nanu pillow.

This pillow would be an excellent idea for anyone suffering with pain or discomfort whilst in bed or anyone who finds it difficult to get a restful night’s sleep. It would also make an ideal gift for Father’s Day or any upcoming celebration, providing a loved one with the comfort and care that he or she so rightly deserves.

This is an excellent pillow. It’s very comfortable and I love the quirkiness of having a pillow designed for my sleeping style – back/side/front sleeper, height, weight and pillow firmness.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £30

For more information or to create your own pillow visit nanusleep.co.uk.

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