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NanoblockTowerBridge1Tower Bridge

Reviewed by Michelle Llabani

It was with surprise that I opened the packaging for my Tower Bridge model. Although named Nanoblock, I genuinely expected a box of larger proportions. The box itself measures only 14cm x14cm x 5cm. When opening it I was a little dubious, how something packaged so small could build something so detailed as the Tower Bridge.

On opening the box, all became clear. The pieces are tiny! The largest building block is approx. 32mm by 8mm, and the smallest a tiny 4mm x4mm. The design is created by layering interlocking blocks upon each other to create an intricate pattern. There are far fewer brick choices than in other traditional brick construction sets, however the blocks do use the same interlocking action as Lego or Megablocks, just on a much smaller scale.

The instructions given are detailed, showing which blocks you need to use at each stage and how they fit together, however in line with the size of the blocks the instructions are also quite small, therefore you will need reading glasses at the ready. The blocks go together well, however I wouldn’t even try to attempt building unless you are nimble and dexterous. It is incredibly fiddly work putting the bricks together – I nearly resorted to getting the tweezers out at one point!

The end effect, if you can persevere, is well worth it, with the finished article measuring a mere 12cm by 8cm across and approx. 12 cm high. It is definitely recognisable as Tower Bridge, and ever comes with the raisable road seen on the real thing. It is one of a collection of famous landmarks, which also include the Parthenon and the Eiffel Tower.

The product is rated for aged 12 and above. I believe this age rating to be spot on, as I would doubt that children much younger would have the manual dexterity to manoeuvre the small pieces into place. Build time is roughly between 3-4 hours – giving enough of a challenge for those who want to get their teeth into something.

Overall, a great little product for those who love building and are particularly nimble fingered.

Rating: 3.5/5

RRP: £16.99

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3 half Star

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