Nakin Natural Anti-Ageing High Performance Skincare Review

Reviewed by Emma Rogers

Many of us are now thinking about more than just whether make-up is effective, or dare I say it, cheap. Instead, the market has shifted towards make-up and skin care products which are free from parabens and nasties, made with natural ingredients and fights the signs of pollution as well as ageing.

Nakin’s anti-ageing skincare is also free from fragrance, colour SLS and petrochemicals, meaning it is more suitable for those with allergies and can’t use other daily products. It’s also made in the UK by a British company, so there’s less air miles to worry about too.

I was sent two products to test; Performance Face Serum 50ml (RRP: £25) and Revitalising Face Oil 50ml (RRP: £22). Both products are for all skin types, including sensitive skin and work together like other brands of skin care products on the market.

First, I tried the face serum at night. After cleansing, it only takes a few pumps of the clear serum to cover my whole face. The hibiscus formula, which also includes Hyaluronic Acid (yes, that ingredient everyone’s talking about!) smooths fine lines and improves the condition of the skin. When I smoothed it on, it did feel like it was hydrating and plumping my skin, as a serum should. It has that slight gummy texture to it, reminding you that it’s not a moisturiser or cleanser and that you still have to condition your skin before you’re done. The fluidity of the serum is very rich too, and there’s no significant fragrance so there’s not much your skin can complain about.

I let the serum dry a little before applying the Revitalising Face Oil. Each time I’ve used both products, I have to remember to use just the smallest amounts as they’re both really rich and go a long way, and the oil is probably the most deluxe out of both of them. Again, there was no real fragrance and the liquid is clear with a slight mandarin colouring. It combines Baobab, Argan, Peach Kernel and Jojoba oils to smooth and renew. Layering it on over the serum, it takes a while to absorb, which is why you need the tiniest amount, but also means it should go a long way. Once the oil is on, I feel like my skin is hydrated and ready to sleep. The real test is in the morning!

Once I woke up from each night of trying, I found that my skin was more hydrated than my usual serum and definitely felt smoother with less unevenness in my skin and more smooth to the touch. The hydration stayed even after a shower and without any moisturiser some days. The Revitalising Face Oil is also suitable for sensitive skin, and I can see why because I had no problems with it.

I will definitely be using this again, especially as so little is needed to get results, and I’m really happy to be using paraben-free and petrochemical free products on my skin, and especially products that work. The real test will be over time, but I’m already looking at the catalogue to see what other moisturisers and treatments I can treat myself to in the future!

Rating: 5/5

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