Brio World Farm Railway Set Review


Reviewed by Debbie Talbot

Both of my twins love anything train related and one twin in particular is train mad. They would build train track in every room if they could. There was a lot excitement in our household when the Brio World Farm Railway Set arrived. The set arrived very well packaged and therefore in perfect condition. I tend to find assembling toys a bit daunting, but I needn’t have worried. The railway set was assembled as per the picture on the box very quickly (and if I did get stuck I had too eager twins who no doubt would have built it).

The box contained: 8x Curved Track Pieces, 1x Barn, 1x Engine, 1x Wagon, 1x Tractor, 1x Trailer, 1x Farm Level Crossing, 2x Fences, 1x Cow, 1x Hay Bale, 1x Cattle Road Sign and 1x Hay Bale

The set is the perfect size for young children to build (track layout measures 55 x 52cm). The fantastic part about Brio is that it is compatible with other rail track and so you can make your own track design incorporating what you already own with this lovely set too. We all really enjoyed loading the hay on and off the train and in and out of the barn. The magnetic mechanism worked perfectly for this purpose. The magnetic connectors on the train and other vehicle parts worked well too. The inside of the track was an ideal size for the sheep to chill out in their field or go into the barn in rainy/cold weather. Because of the design of the track, vehicles can easily cross the train track and explore the area outside of the train track.

I have train accessories of various brands and I have to say that these pieces really did stand out quality wise. Whilst this may cost more than some other railway sets from other brands, in my view the quality makes the higher cost worthwhile. I have had a very disappointed child in the past with another brand where a wooden train has come apart where it was glued together. I cannot see happening with the Brio set.

As a parent who is a fan of any toy which encourages social skills or helps with coordination and fine motor skills, I think this railway set is really useful. We had so much fun chatting about where the train and tractor drivers were taking the various loads. It was also the perfect opportunity to talk about feelings. The train driver was feeling particularly stressed today but then he was happy again once the load was deposited in the barn. 

This Brio set is a wonderful way to encourage children in imaginative play. The play value is huge with this quality toy. I have known my twins play with their train accessories for hours on end, which is far preferred by myself than them using electronic devices such as their computer tablets.

This set is so versatile that it can be played with in conjunction with other toys as well. The residents of our dolls house often go on train journeys or travel by train to their toy castle. I would recommend this particular Brio item to others and can also recommend some of the other toys in their range which we have at home too.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £34.99

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