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My Squishy Little Dumpling Review


Reviewed by Charlotte Gatehouse

At this time of year we are always on the lookout for fun gifts for the children in our family and so I was glad to be sent a My Squishy Little Dumpling for inspiration.

The Squishy Little Dumpling arrived packaged in a hot pink hexagonal box, the box is a fair bit larger than the toy with a small amount of plastic. The Little Dumpling head can be held in the palm of your hand like a ball to get an idea of the size. The packaging is very appealing to kids and my 6 year old was engaged straight away like a moth to a flame.

The toy is essentially a head, you squeeze the cheeks and the body pops out which reveals which little dumpling you have got. We got Doe, she has a purple outfit, there are 4 to collect (Doe, Dot, Dee and Dip) each are a different colour and come with 2 accessories to match their personality. Doe came with a flower crown and eye mask, she’s very cute.

The sounds she makes are adorable lots of giggles and babble, other than that it wasn’t clear what else she actually did, a few instructions were on the box which folds out but not enough for us to fully appreciate the toys capabilities, i watched a short clip on Youtube and I’m pleased I did as there is much more to do with the squishy dumpling than just popping the body in and out.

I learned they have over 50 reactions, they have glowing cheeks and head. The colour of the head changes depending on their mood. Doe also makes different sounds depending on how you move her, you can shake, turn her upside down and squeeze her cheeks to get different reactions. We played catch with her and she made noises as she flew through the air, my daughter found this hilarious. Some of the sounds she makes are actually their own language there is a ‘squishinary’ on the side of the box which I thought was an adorable touch, my daughter kept referring to this so she could translate what Doe was saying.  The toy makes sleepy noises if inactive and the turns itself off after 4 minutes.

My daughter was really pleased with this at first but it didn’t hold her attention for as long as I had hoped although she has re-visited it a few times. I’m not sure we would look to collect them all but as a quick win, relatively inexpensive gift it ticks the boxes.

My Squishy Little Dumpling comes with batteries which is always a relief and these can be easily replaced when needed (requires 3x LR44 button cell batteries)

My Squishy Little Dumpling is currently available to buy for £15 from most good toyshops, it’s a great stocking filler. My 6 year old daughter enjoyed it, I’m sure my nieces would too.

A little expensive for a collectable but was enjoyed nonetheless, my daughter gives this a 4/5.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £15

My Squishy Little Dumpling is available to buy here.

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