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Juice Ring Light Review


Reviewed by J Wright

Social media dominates much of people’s free time these days and those who create content are finding more and more than gadgets like the Juice Perfect Glow Ring Light create a professional standard of lighting which has become a minimum standard. It’s no longer only the photography and videography elite who can afford these accessories, especially at £19.99 from most retailers. Now it can be used by anyone; make-up artists, those working from home, influencers, content creators and all photographers and videographers alike.

With the emergence of more reasonable pricing, sizing and access, the market for such items is flooded, the Juice Perfect Glow Ring Light seems to be a real competitor for your cash with useful features. Those feature include a 360° rotatable ball joint for maximum adjustment and a smart phone mounting point which attaches into the light circle and with a bendable arm to help you create the perfect angle. The smart phone holder adjusts for phone sizes and has a nice snug grip. I had no doubts at all that my phone was safe. The grip is at the side, so if you need your phone to be plugged to power or an additional microphone that’s still an option too.

The ring light has extendable legs so it can be used in a variety of settings.
The setting varieties will be crucial to most people in the market for a ring light so you’ll be pleased to know there are ten brightness levels and three light modes.
We tried a few out and found the light to be a really even light with no visible flicker and none which picked up on camera either. There’s a good adjustment in colour temperature to cater for skin tone or environmental light requirements. You can choose from Warm (Indoor), Natural (Outdoors) or Organic Lighting Modes. This is a useful and fairly common feature these days with the popularity of make-up artists and created an honest and true image when we tried it out. It also makes for a well-lit selfie, or in our case the photography for a head and shoulder shot.
It’s also great for mimicking environmental light, the situations where you want to do your make-up for a specific place and lighting and you can mimic the light conditions to create the best look.

The Juice Perfect Glow Ring Light is USB powered which can be perceived as a blessing and a curse, but as USB connects to a power socket easily, I find this not to be a concern.

The light has a 10 inch diameter, casting a wide light pool, perfect for most photo and video needs and I like the rounded, almost tube like shape, it adds to an aesthetic I never knew I preferred.

I’m not much of a power fiend in terms of needing to know about the specifications but many review readers might be looking for that kind of information to make educated choices, so I searched the Juice website to find it out and it’s easily made available so you don’t have to try it out and hope for the best. This ring light has 10W Power 5v, Temp 3000-7000K and 120 LED individual lights. The website also details the ring light diameter at 26.5 cm and the stand height at 11.5-14.7 cm.

You’ll find a one year warranty included with the Juice Perfect Glow Ring Light so you can have faith in the product.

This would be a great Christmas gift this year for the young vlogger or MUA in your life, or anyone with lighting needs for photo or video. It’s actually quite a nice ambient light in general.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19.99

This product can be purchased from the Juice website here.

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