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My First Musical Peter Rabbit Review

MusicalPeterRabbitMy First Musical Peter Rabbit

Reviewed by Katie Garrett

My First Musical Peter Rabbit is a wonderful first toy for a baby. The character is a well-known and well loved one through the generations and I was so happy to share with my son a part of my childhood too. He sings such a sweet lullaby and helps set the scene for settling down to go to sleep.

My baby loved how soft the rabbit was and the music within it was at a really good volume. Often musical toys can be too loud and act as a stimulant when wanted to help relax children down. This soft melody is the perfect volume to help baby get ready for sleep.

We have been using Peter for a week now and he is a favourite of my sons already. He has a strong tie to pop him on the cot, this is made from Velcro so is safe to attach without fear of hurting baby which is very important to me as a parent. Peter makes him smile and he loves to cuddle up to him.

The quality of the toy is outstanding, the material is very soft and the pull cord at the back seems strongly attached. As Christmas is just around the corner I think this would make a great first Christmas present and would be well loved by any child lucky enough to receive it.

He retails at £19.99 rrp and I think this is really good value for money as its more than just another toy, this is the type of toy children get very attached to and is kept to show  their own children in the future.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £19.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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