Mophie Powerstation Mini (Fabric) Review


Reviewed by Paul Magnan

I work in the building trade and on several different building sites.  I always like to keep my phone well charged in case anyone needs to get hold of me.  At home I regularly use a power bank to change my phone when I am chilling out in an evening or at weekends rather than keeping my phone plugged in to a wall socket.   I also love fishing trips and think that this device will be great for helping me ensure my phone is charged at all times.  I was therefore delighted to receive the Mophie Powerstation Mini in black to review.

The product arrived quickly in perfect condition due to being so well packaged.  The Mophie Powerstation Mini is a portable battery with a USB – C port.  The box has lots of useful information on it. The box itself contained:

  • Powerstation Mini
  • USB lead
  • Instructions

What first struck me was how compact it is, nice and slim, enough in fact that it easily fits into the pockets of my work trousers. I love the fact that such good functionality is packed into such a compact size.    This is so handy as I can tend to move from plot to plot during the day with a lot of equipment to move with me and can do so without having to carry the power bank.  I love the feel of the product. It is a material  non-slip finish and so looks great and feels really soft.

When I first received the product, I decided to give it a really good charge because I wanted to take it to work with me asap. When first switched on there are up to four indicator lights which come on.  4 lit up would be a full charge.  The powerstation had a slight charge already when it arrived.

Product specifications:

  • 5,000 MAh Powerstation mini battery
  • USB – A to USB – C cable

Product information was really useful.  It told me that I can use this handy little device to charge – cameras, headphones, watches, console controllers, mobile phones and tablets. 

I was amazed to discover that this device can add 18 hours of battery life to a mobile phone, 6 to a small tablet and 4 to a large tablet.  I think that this makes it the perfect travel, festival or camping companion.

One minor issue I have found is that I cannot tell if it is on or off unless I look at my phone to see if the charging symbol is displaying.   I think that this would make an excellent practical gift for someone who loves their tech gadgets and the RRP is really affordable.  I am really chuffed with this item and would recommend it to others and I would even buy it as a Christmas Gift for family and friends, especially for those hard to buy for people in my life.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £39.95

This product is available to buy from the Zagg website here.

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