Montezuma’s Dark Chocolate Hearts Review


Reviewed by Alice Dixon

We are now in the long, cold January which feels like it lasts for several hundred days and New Year feels a distant memory. Christmas has long gone and so have all the chocolates and confectionery but before we know it January will be over and we’ll be into February with Valentine’s Day looming. Already I’ve noticed a few Valentine’s gifts in the shops.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day I think it’s nice to keep gifts simple with the classic flowers or chocolate. The Dark Chocolate Hearts Lots of Love jar from Montezuma’s is a perfect choice. I was sent a jar to try and I can tell you these delightful chocolate hearts are definitely a good way to my heart! The chocolates arrived in a large glass jar with a cardboard sleeve. The cardboard packaging is fully recyclable which I love as I try to have as little plastic waste as possible. The glass jar is also 100% recyclable however I also think the jar is ideal to reuse again as a storage jar. I’ve already been thinking of so many ideas of what I could store in it later. The jar itself has a clip down lid with rubber seal locking the jar very airtight and helps to keep the chocolates fresh longer – not that they are going to be around for very long. I can’t resist them! Inside the jar is 600g of dark chocolates each in a perfect heart shape. Each chocolate is a quite large solid chunk of rich, smooth chocolate. They are so delicious, I couldn’t help but melt each one in my mouth as they were so creamy but also not overly sweet with them being dark chocolate. They are made of at least 70% cocoa solids.

What surprised me was that these chocolates are actually vegan containing only cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter and soya. They still have a rich, creamy taste despite not being milk chocolate. There are a lot more people these days choosing to eat vegan, including in my own family. It’s amazing to see how many vegan options there are for people now so we don’t miss out especially on special occasions that seem to revolve around sweet treats and chocolate. However they are a really delectable treat for anyone even if you don’t follow a vegan diet.

This jar of hearts would make a wonderful gift for Valentine’s Day for your Valentine or any loved one. They are sure to melt anyone’s heart as easily as they melt on your tongue!

The Montezuma’s Dark Chocolate Hearts jar retails at £22.50. There is also a milk chocolate variety as well as many other lovely gifts in their Lots of Love range.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £22.50

This product can be purchased from Montezuma’s.

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