Modern Garden: Style Or Substance?

Modern gardens are all about originality, which means they lack substance. Sure, they’re really beautiful, and they add a lot to the aesthetics of the property. But, when it comes to practicality, they are sorely lacking. If you have a modern garden, you should find this annoying. After all, you want to enjoy your garden as much as you want it to look nice. With that in mind, you need to start thinking about being less stylish and more substance-based. Fortunately, you don’t have to think too long if you continue reading.

These are the tips that will add more practicality to your garden for the summer.

Plant Fruit & Veg

Planting flowers is a great way to add colour and vibrancy to the exterior of the house. Indeed, there aren’t many nicer sights than flowers blooming in the summer. The thing is that these plants are purely cosmetic. Okay, they are necessary for the grand scheme of things, but they don’t make your life any better. What do add value to your life are fruit and vegetable plants. As long as you cultivate them over the summer, you can pick the plants, cook them, and serve it on a plate at dinner time. Not only do they save you money, but they also look the part. Rhubarb, for instance, has deep red and purple colours.

Stone As Well As Grass

Growing your own fruit and vegetables is commendable as long as you can reach them in the first place. Unfortunately, some gardens are so bothered about looking the part that they forget to be practical. A lack of a pathway is a perfect example. Logically, every garden needs a stone pathway to make it easier to get around the garden. However, some just have acres of lawn because the green of the grass looks more appealing. Laying stone means that you’ll have a route to and from the garden, and that makes everything far easier. Plus, stones can look visually attractive if you get the contrast right.

Comfy Furniture

Have you even seen the garden furniture that looks as if it belongs on a space shuttle? It doesn’t belong on a space shuttle, but it doesn’t belong in your garden either. In reality, patio furniture needs to feel comfy first and foremost, and then it needs to be stylish. There’s no point trying to enjoy a nice summer’s night if you can’t feel your bottom. Let’s face it – that isn’t relaxing. Always go for furniture that you can sit back and enjoy.


Sheds are less common nowadays because they take up a lot of room. However, they can also save a lot of space. Gardens are notorious for being dumping grounds. Although that’s necessary during the winter, it’s down right in the way in the summer. You need a place to store all of your unwanted crap, and a shed is a perfect option as it has lots of storage space. If you keep it looking sharp on the outside, it won’t affect the style either.

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