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Mind Meld Review


Reviewed by Melody

With Christmas fast-approaching I’ve found myself struggling to think of fun gift ideas for my pre-teen son.  We usually love to sit down and play games together over Christmas however it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find games that the whole family will enjoy as, according to my son, board games are no longer “cool”! (I disagree!)

When I was asked to review Mind Meld I jumped at the chance, I’d never heard of it but when I saw that it was based on a TikTok trend I thought it could be just what we were looking for as my son does seem to spend an inordinate amount of time on TikTok so it must be “cool”.

Having done some research, I could see that Mind Meld is billed as a “wildly addictive and interactive experience” where players telepathically send words to each other with the aim being for two players to say the same word at the same time and create a “Mind Meld” and score points.

When the game arrived, I was pleased to see that it didn’t have an overly large box so would be easy to store.  The box was very sturdy, bright yellow with black text and looked very appealing.  There was also a QR code on the box that led to video showing how to play the game.  This was really helpful as I find it easier to watch someone else playing a game first rather than relying solely on the written instructions to understand the concept.  Sometimes they can be open to interpretation.

Inside the box there was a headband, a squishy pink brain, 200 word cards, a plastic clip and an instruction leaflet.  The game box itself is used for scoring along with the plastic clip, which was a great idea (even if we did get a bit confused mid-way through with scoring).  We also needed a pen and paper to keep track of scores.

Mind Meld is for 2 + players aged 10 years and up and is suitable for both families and grown-ups.  We played as a family of four.

After reading the instructions and shuffling the cards we started to play.  On each turn one player wears the headband making them the “giver”.  The giver takes one of the cards from the pile with a random word on it.  Then depending on whether the card is black (All Play) or white (Head to Head) the other players get involved.  On a Head to Head the giver chooses one other person to play with.  On an All Play, everyone has to vie to grab the squishy brain first and then be the one to go head to head with the giver.

The giver then counts down from 3 and both players shout out a random word at the same time (the giver shouts the word printed on the card).  If by some highly unlikely occurrence both players shout the same word on the first go, then that is a Mind Meld and they each score 30 points.  This did not happen to any of us!  However, all is not lost as play continues for another nine turns with the available points decreasing each time.  It also becomes slightly easier as the players call out words related to the previous two words so getting a Mind Meld is more likely.  We did get a few Mind Melds during the course of our games.  If after 10 goes nobody has won, play moves on and the headband is passed to the person to the left of the current giver and it all starts again.  The winner is the first person to get 41 points.

We enjoyed playing Mind Meld, and I would recommend it as a fun game for all the family to play together.  Although I have learnt two things 1) I am not telepathically connected to any members of my family and 2) some of their brains work in very strange ways when thinking of related words!

I think that with more practice, we would all get better at Mind Melding.  It’s definitely a game that wouldn’t get boring and I could see how it could be quite addictive.  It would definitely make a great Christmas gift for teenagers who are “too cool” for traditional board games.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £19.99

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