Milton Solo Travel Steriliser Review

Milton Solo Travel Steriliser

Reviewed by Debbie Talbot

The Milton Solo microwave or cold water travel steriliser comes in a compact yet informative box. 

What I like about this item is it’s so versatile. I can either sterilise using the cold water or microwave method, so if I run out of sterilising tablets or fluid I can still sterilise my boy’s bottles. My boys are 6 months old. Even though this only holds one bottle it is still so useful because the microwave sterilising process only takes 2 minutes in a 1100-1850w microwave (6 minutes in 500-800w). Even the tablet/fluid method takes just 15 minutes. The lid is easily removed and replaced. It is such a handy size to bring out on day trips or when staying with family or friends. Most size bottles will fit in it and it can be used in most microwaves. It is 100% watertight so makes it the perfect travel item. 

I am actually considering buying a second one to speed up doing my boys bottles with the tablet method.

5/5 for quality and how practical it is.

RRP: £10.99

Rating: 5/5 

For more details and stockists visit Milton here.

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