Milton Mini Portable Soother Steriliser Review

Milton Mini Portable Soother Steriliser

Reviewed by Debbie Talbot

I received this funky looking Mini portable soother steriliser to review. Mine is lime green, but I know other colours are available. This is so handy as it cleans and sterilises on the go, taking just 15 minutes and it is BPA free. Once sterilised, it stays sterile for 24 hours. There is even a handy strap which fastens it to your pram or stroller. My pack even had 10 mini sterilising tablets free inside it.

Milton have even given it innovative sponges to clean the soother and absorb the solution. It is 100% watertight, there is nothing worse than having things leak on the floor or in your changing bag.

RRP: £6.99

Rating: 5/5

For more information or stockist visit Milton here

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