Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small: Volume 2 Review

Reviewed by Amanda Hayes

If you are looking for a Christmas gift for a young Miffy fan, then the audiobook of Miffy’s Adventures by Dick Bruna is the perfect present. Packaged like a CD in a delightful primary coloured case picturing Miffy and friends on the bus, Volume 2 Big and Small is a collection of 10 stories telling Miffy’s adventures in a fun and engaging way.

It’s delightful to listen to with a combination of stories and fun songs with both adults and children’s voices. Miffy and friends takes you through their adventures Big and Small including:

  • ‘Miffy and the Bird’
  • ‘Miffy and the Fairy’
  • ‘Grunty the Ballerina’
  • ‘Miffy Goes Bowling’
  • ‘Miffy and the Butterfly’
  • ‘Miffy and the Star’
  • ‘Miffy’s New Bicycle’
  • ‘Miffy’s Concert’
  • ‘Miffy Helps Out’
  • ‘Snuffy the Sheep Dog

Like the animated TV series of the same name, Miffy explores the world around her with friends and family. In Episode 2, Miffy the Fairy, Miffy finds what she thinks is a magic wand and sets about doing some magic. Her friend can see it’s just a stick but hates to see her sad and so carries out some work behind the scenes to show the magic is working. When at the end of the story Miffy finds out her friend has been carrying out the “magic” to make her happy she is very glad she has the best friend in the world. It’s a really lovely tale of helping each other interspersed with easy to sing songs and background music and sets the scene for the rest of the episodes.

At 68 minutes long this audiobook kept my 4 year old happy and quiet for just over an hour and was perfect for a wind down session prior to dinner. He loves Miffy and combined with music and stories this was a perfect gift idea for him. After my son’s success with Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small I will definitely be purchasing more audiobooks. Suitable for over 3’s I will also be purchasing it for Christmas gifts for some of his friends as it makes a nice change from toys or sweets.

Highly recommended.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £12.98

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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