Miffy Messy Me Children’s Tabard Review


Reviewed by Jenny Seymour

If you remove the picture of the classic little bunny, “Miffy” and replace it with a small toddler, the picture on the front of this tabard shows a sight that you can often see in our house – my little one surrounded by all her favourite toys on the floor and Annie looking at me as if to say “What? It wasn’t me!”

So this tabard appealed to me when I needed something that would protect her clothes when we get into really “creative” sessions. This could be whilst we’re being crafty and creative – painting, play dough, sticking and cutting or also, when we’re creative when we cook or eat! Annie can be quite messy when she eats as she often shouts “Myself” – her war cry for when she wants to independently have a go at something herself (who needs mummies or daddies eh!). The Miffy tabard has been great to find and put on as I hear the war cry! It is so easy to find in our cupboard because of the bright colours. This particular yellow tabard appealed to me because it is gender neutral and not blue/pink as you may find elsewhere. Miffy as well, I think, is gender neutral, so boys and girls alike would be happy to throw on their tabard before getting messy.

It is also fairly easy to get on. The elasticated sides means that it is very wide and stretchable over the wriggliest of heads and, so long as I remind Annie that she needs to put her arms through before we can finally pull the tabard down, it slides on easily.

Annie is almost 3 years and the tabard is marketed as for ages 2- 4. I can imagine that this tabard will last easily until Annie is 4 (if not longer), as at the moment it is great and covers most of her clothes.

One thing you do need to be aware of though is that it is a tabard, as it says, so there are no arms in it. Please roll those sleeves up too!

After Annie has finished being “creative”, the tabard is cleaned easily. It’s made out of oil cloth and so can be wiped with a damp cloth. It is of really good quality and seems to last most things. We have used ours lots since we got it and all of the things that we have used so far have easily wiped or washed off.

So, next time your little one offers to “help” you in the kitchen – whether it be with your washing up, cooking or baking, just make sure you have your Miffy tabard to hand…

Overall we thought it was bright, easy to find in the cupboard and easy to put on – next time your little one is getting creative or wants to help you with your chores, just grab your Miffy tabard and off you go….

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £9

Available to buy from  Miffy Shop here.

4 half Star

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