Men-U Men’s Grooming Products Review

Reviewed by Rosemary Knight

My husband is already a massive fan of the Men-U range of grooming products, having used the shaving products regularly for the past few years, so I was delighted to receive a selection of these items to review. The Men-U toiletries will make a perfect Christmas gift for any modern man who likes to look and feel fantastic.

The Men-U Ultra Concentrate Shave Creme (RRP: £10.95 to £11.95) is my husband’s favourite shaving item. It comes in a stylish pale blue pump action dispenser (can be purchased as a refill bottle without the pump) and contains 100ml which is enough for 165 shaves. A tiny amount of this product goes a very long way as it produces a rich creamy lather very easily. My husband always uses a shaving brush and was so impressed with this product as the razor glided swiftly across his skin leaving no nicks or cuts. The creme contains silicone and moisturisers which makes using the razor so much smoother, without causing irritation to the skin. He also found that he was able to get more use out of his shaver cartridges as the creme did not clog up the razor. I must admit that like many men my husband used to absolutely hate shaving and prior to using the Men-U Shave Creme, he always tended to wait until he looked scruffy and stubbly before actually getting around shaving. After discovering this product, he now looks smooth and sleek as he actually enjoys being clean shaven.

The Men-U Ultra Concentrate Skin Refresh Gel (RRP: £14.95 to £15.95) comes in a 100ml pump action dispenser (can be purchased as a refill bottle without the pump) and is perfect to use after shaving as it calms and soothes the skin, whilst also dealing with ingrown hairs. My husband has sensitive skin and frequently suffers adverse reactions to many products so the fact that this gel is fragrance free with natural salicylic acid and witch hazel gives him the confidence to use it regularly as it does not cause irritation.

The Men-U Ultra Concentrate Matt Moisturiser (RRP: £14.95 to £15.95) is contained in a 100ml pump action dispenser (can be purchased as a refill bottle without the pump) is non-greasy, oil and fragrance free and is perfect to use after shaving. My husband uses this moisturiser both morning and night and has found that it absorbs quickly and easily into his skin, leaving no residue. His skin is now beautifully soft and smooth.

The Men-U Black Pepper and Bergamot Ultra Concentrate Shower Gel (RRP: £8.95) comes in a very stylish red tube and contains 100ml of beautifully scented refreshing gel. My husband had not tried this product before and was very impressed when he tried it for the first time. He said that he only needed to use a tiny amount for a rich lather to appear, cleaning and moisturising his skin at the same time, leaving a delightful fragrance. He felt invigorated and fresh immediately after his shower.

The Men-U Ultra Concentrate 3 Minute D-Tox Excess Oil Remover (RRP: £14.45) is a completely different type of product to the ones which my husband has used before. I have occasionally treated him to one of my own face masks and he has benefited from this, but this is the first time he has used a similar type of product which is aimed specifically for men. This mask provides an ultimate deep clean and tone and leaves the skin silky smooth after application. It can be used every other day and as it only needs to be left on for three minutes it will now become a regular part of my husband’s daily routine.

All of the Men-U products can be used sparingly and will last for quite a long time. My husband is very pleased with the end result, as am I. No more complaining about problem skin – he now looks sleek and impeccably well groomed. I would certainly recommend these products and will be purchasing a selection of them for Christmas gifts for my friends and family.

Rating: 5/5

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