Making the most of selling online

Almost every one of us could do with clearing out some unwanted clutter from our lives. Some of this will be ripe for disposal, however I’m sure most of it could be sold online to bring in some extra cash. My top five tips for maximising your profits are below:

Get organised

The place the start if by going through each room and sorting in to keep, recycle and sell piles. This is going to be the most arduous part- deciding whether to keep that ugly Christmas sweater from 3 years ago can be tough. Once the decisions have been made organize the sell pile in to categories to make it easy to list online.

Choose the right marketplace

There are wide and varying ways to sell all manner of items online. I have found that eBay is great for selling clothes (although eBid is a great alternative with lower fees). Etsy can be good but only if you have handcrafted or vintage items and Facebook Marketplace is the place to go for larger items or gadgets.

Don’t undervalue your items

Search around for similar items and match the pricing. Don’t try to beat it just for a quick sale. This could lead to less interest as some shoppers will automatically think the lower price infers lower quality service or product. Fees are usually a percentage of the final sale price with most place no longer having listing fees. Don’t worry if your item doesn’t sell straight away, you can relist at no extra cost.

Take in to account delivery costs

Lots of customers will ignore any listings that have a delivery cost attached. Amazon and eBay also boost listings that have free delivery so you’ll have more chance of your items being seen. Use a courier service to get a quote before listing the item and add that to your estimated sale price.

Communicate with your buyers

Communication is the key to receiving positive feedback and building your mini sell at home empire. Customers are much more willing to leave you feedback if you’ve answered all of their questions and provided updates on the delivery.

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