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Magnet Mouse Baby Top with Magnetic Fasteners Review


Reviewed by Amy Peacey

Multi award winning classic baby clothes made in the UK. – Magnet Mouse

As a relatively new first time mum I was excited to learn about the Magnetic Mouse products.  Poppers to a new mum (and even more so a new dad) are troublesome.  Even with the help of the different colour poppers as a starting point, it never seems to go quite right.

When I was offered the chance to try one of the Magnetic Mouse products I was intrigued to see how they would work.  Will this design put an end to the “popper” issue!  The item arrived in a beautiful bag with a card from Magnetic Mouse.  It was a lovely touch.  I note from the website that the bags are £2.95 so I am not sure all the items are sent out in the special bag.

I was originally asked to review the sleep suit design they only went up to 12 months and too small for my little girl.  They offered me an alternative product to try.

Magnetic Mouse says on its website that it is the original magnetic clothing company and that in todays fast paced world, few have time (or patience) for fiddly fasteners.  This is so true, time is precious, especially with a small child.

All of their products are made and packaged in the United Kingdom.  The baby wear is 100% cotton and free from fiddly poppers or buttons.  The clothes are held together with tiny magnetic fastenings which are hidden inside the clothes.

My little girl got to try the white long sleeve top with liberty fabric.  The fabric is pink and flower and a lively contrast to the white.  The item is beautiful and so soft.  The top had the hidden magnets at the back to fasten it.  So quick and easy to pop on and take off!  This particular product ranges in size from 3 months to 18 months.  My daughter looked very cute in the top and she seemed very comfy.

The Magnetic Mouse website also sells maternity shirts for mums, bedding and various other gifts.  The maternity shirts look great and perfect for those who are breast feeding.  The website also has gift sets which include baby blankets, hats and bids.  Great gifts for new mums and babies.

Magnetic Mouse has various different designs and products available from baby sleep suits, bibs, hoodies and tops. The sleep suits are priced at £27.50 and the tops are around £20.

You can purchase the top we tried from

The RRP of the top is £22.

Rating 4/5.

The long sleeve top we tried was excellent quality, good size and washed well so 5/5 for that. The magnets are brilliant as they save time and simply snap together. My only concern is the price. You will obviously pay more for a quality product. We would perhaps have a couple of these in the wardrobe but due to the price I would not be able to replace all the sleep suits for example with the magnet version. It would be a great item to add to a baby shower gift list.

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