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Mad Science! 5-in-1 Weather Station Review


Reviewed by Laura S

The 5in1 Weather Station could not have arrived at a perfect time as my children are currently learning about the weather at school. My 7-year-old is highly fascinated by the weather and climate.

They had never seen an actual weather station before and didn’t know that you could get one to go in your garden. Having their own weather station was an amazing surprise.

The weather station features include:
-a spike to hold it firm in the ground
-a spinning 3 cups anemometer to measure wind speed in metric or imperial measurements
-an indicator that points to the direction of the wind travel. When used alongside the built-in compass, you can record the wind direction.
-rainfall gauge that is removable from the weather station

We found the weather station easy to assemble by putting the holding spike on the bottom and attaching the cups. We then located the perfect spot in our garden. Initially, we set the weather station up in the middle of the lawn to have maximum exposure to the elements. However, we found that the weather station was too low for the anemometer to spin by the wind, even on a day when the branches on the trees were moving very quickly by the breeze.

We then moved the weather station to a large planter approximately 2ft from the ground. The spike on the weather station makes sure it is firmly kept in place. This was a wise move as the weather station started working fully.

The 3 cup anemometer started to move slowly to measure the wind speed, and the compass acutely pointed in the direction of the wind. I checked this against my actual compass.

The thermometer quickly readjusted from the inside temperature to the outside temperature.
The feature that we enjoyed the most was the rain gauge. We had to wait 2 days before the rain arrived but it was well worth it.

The rain gauge quickly collected the rain over numerous hours, and it was easy to see how much had been collected. It’s surprising have much rain can fall in a couple of hours.

We enjoyed going out at different times of the day to check the temperature, rainfall, wind speed and direction.

Overall we give the Mad Science! 5in1 weather station 4/5.  The weather station is excellent for engaging children and expanding their knowledge on the weather and how to use the weather station. For my youngest child, it immensely helped with their reading of numbers and recoding them. We had played a game of guess the temperature before we would read the temperature from the station. This has helped them understand what different temperatures feel like and how the wind and rain can make you feel even colder.

I really liked, and my children did too, that they could use the weather station easily without me having to intervene. They took pride in their roles as chief weather recorders.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £16.99

This product can be purchased from Amazon here.

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