LUSH Christmas Candy Box Review

ChristmasCandyBox1Christmas Candy Box

Reviewed by Ann Durrell

The Lush Christmas Candy Box is ready wrapped in a swirly pink and white wrapping paper with green ribbon and gift tag.

Even before I opened the box I could smell its contents, it is quite strong but pleasant, it doubled up as an air freshener! There are four products in the gift box, Candy Mountain, Snow Fairy, Rock Star and Butter Bear.

Candy Mountain:
This is a baby pink and white cone shaped bubble bar. I put candy mountain in the bath as I was running it, when my bath was full the bar had not fully dissolved but crumbled easily with a little help. I was really surprised by the amount of bubbles, definitely more than my usual bubble bath and I really liked the smell which is sweet but not overpowering. My skin was lovely and soft after my bath and the fragrance stayed on my skin.

Snow Fairy:
This is a pink shower gel with iridescent sparkles, which not only looks pretty but also stopped my other half from using it! The product smells like old style bubble gum and you only need a small amount to create a good lather so it will last.

Rock Star:
This is a huge bar of soap, pink and shaped like a star. The soap is really creamy and like other products in the box it smell was of sweets.

Butter Bear:
Butter Bear is bath bomb with a vanilla fragrance. Like Candy Mountain I popped this in the bath as I was running it and it dissolved fully. After my bath my skin was smooth, I actually didn’t even bother with my usual moisturiser as it was so soft, and the vanilla fragrance stayed on my skin.


I would be really pleased if I were to receive this at Christmas, all of the products are fab and it gave me a good excuse for a couple of long soaks in the bath. If do want its contents to be a surprise I would not leave it under the tree as the smell will give you away!

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £14.95

Available to buy from Lush in-store or online here.


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