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Loopy Looper Marble Spinners Review


Reviewed by Michelle

So, we have all heard of fidget spinners and other toys and for me personally, I have never thought about trying or buying them, not for me I always thought until someone gave me these to try.

I was told they these are the next evolution to fidget toys, so, I thought why not, in for a penny, in for a pound.

There are four different ones which you can buy, there is the Flow, Edge, Cup and Hoop, I will be talking about the Hoop and the Flow.

When holding either of these Loopy Loopers, there is no set way to holding them, you just have to find a way that suits you and also feels comfortable. The way you hold them and spend the Loopy Looper will give you a really different experience when spinning. The way you choose to hold and spin are demonstrated on the back on packaging.

They are made of very durable plastic and sit comfortable in your hand and are easy to hold and grip at the same time.

I was pleasantly surprised at how relaxing these were to us. I read that they are ideal for moments where you need a concentration boost or a little help to get your creative juices flowing. A truer word was never spoken… I found myself using either of these when I was edgy, touchy, stressed and even anxious. We all know only too well that the last year has tried our mental state and actually found them to be very comforting for concentration. What I did not expect was how much they lifted my mood when using them. There is a knack to getting the ball / balls in the holes within each of the Loopy Loopers and whilst frustrating when I did not get it in the hole/holes, it was also funny and when I did, ooooh, the excitement, boosted that much needed serotonin (the happy hormone) and really did lift my mood.

They each come in different designs and colours to which I will cover those further down when describing about them individually.

I really did need to concentrate and focus when using these when I wanted to aim to get the ball / balls in the hole, otherwise, I would just sit there and spin, could be clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Want to create your own ‘spin’ on these? Then give them a try, there are skills to using these and over time, I will be putting mine to the test with the grandsons as they love them.

The balls within the Loopy Loopers do have a bit of weight to them as the soft, plastic rubber type coating covers a metal weight which is great for maintaining that gravity when spinning.

Each of the Loopy Loopers even comes with a stand where you can place the looper onto the not using it.


This seemed to be the easier one to use. As with both of them, the spinner itself is white at the front, with the back on this one being a funky, clear neon blue and comes with 2 red balls. Within the heavy duty plastic ring at the bottom centre of it, is what I would describe as a ledge with a half circle, front and back which holds the ball securely when not in use this is where skill is needed and is such fun to do. I have attached a link to YouTube to show you this one in action


As with the ‘Flow’, As with ‘Flow’, the spinner itself is white at the front, with the back on this one being a funky, clear neon green and comes with 2 orange balls. The bottom centre of the this spinner has a hole for the ball to fall into. Having this hole makes this one a great skill gadget as opposed to just a fidget toy. At the front of the whole is another where you pop the ball in securely when not being used. I have attached a link to YouTube to show you this one in action.

Overall, these are great and fun gadgets and took me a while to try and master them. Thankfully, I googled them too and found this awesome video from another reviewer which guided and showed you how to use them. This is the link to the video.

Recommended age is 8+

Dimensions of each looper is L 10.4cm x W3.8cm x H15.6 cm

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £5.99

For more information please visit the Loopy Looper website here.
These products can be purchased from The Entertainer website here.

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