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Aura Carver Digital Photo Frame Review


Reviewed by Helen Noble

I was thrilled to have been chosen to review The Aura ‘Carver’ Digital Photo Frame. I immediately thought it would make a lovely gift for my son and his partner who are soon to be first time homeowners. It’s not the sort of thing you tend to treat yourself to.

Carver’s sleek design recalls minimalist architecture in its clean lines and geometric shapes. Boasting the largest display size yet, Carver dramatically presents landscape photos full-screen, or intuitively pairs two related portrait photos side-by-side. Available exclusively on Carver frames, Intelligent Photo Pairing is Aura’s proprietary smart feature that uses AI to group similar photos, resulting in unexpected moments of surprise and delight.

Available in Charcoal, White, Matt Black.

The item arrived well packaged, the product box is of high quality, you could easily just attach a bow to give as a gift without the need to wrap. Inside the box is the photo frame, user manual and power cable. The box lid has a protection layer of fitted foam to protect the frames screen during transit. On the back of the box is a removable instruction sheet, when removed underneath you will find a unique gift set up code to which is one of the ways to set the frame up as a gift after you have downloaded the aura app. You can also set up the frame by unboxing and plugging it in. Once removed it is very easily repackaged.

The set up is really easy to follow with step by step instructions through the app. The app is available for iso (iPhone, iPad etc) or Android devices ( phones, tablets from google, Samsung, LG and many more.

If gifting you can set it up with a frame name, welcome photo and welcome message as well as adding as many photos as you like. I have added a full album to which it states that when ever I add a new photo to the album it will update the frame. It took 2 minutes to upload 156 photos. It has inbuilt unlimited storage so no need for additional sd cards etc. Photos can be edited through the app. You have the option to invite family and friends so they too can participate with the photo collection with no limit on numbers, photos are sent through cloud so they don’t have to be connected to the same Wi-fi. The device is then ready to be connected to Wi-fi. It is as simple as that.

Aura controls the photo order beginning with chronological order then after a while the photo display sequence will change to show newer photos first and shuffling the rest automatically.

There is a built in Touch Bar to which you can manually swipe through the photos and you can even send hearts to the person who added the photo to the frame.

It has the option to change slideshow timings and schedule the device on/off.

The 10.1 size screen allows good vision although the quality of the photos is good this will be dependant on the quality of the photos you upload. The geo shape design gives the frame not only a classy modern look but makes it very stable in stance, so in no way would it ever get knocked over. I received the charcoal coloured frame with a matt finish therefore no glare to which I have seen on some other gloss frame designs.

Specifications & Features.
• Large 10.1″ screen
• Crystal-clear 1920×1200 224 PPI pixel resolution
• Overall size 10.63″ x 2.6″ x 7.45″
• Unlimited free photo storage
• Landscape only
• 5′ custom braided fabric power cord
• Requires WiFi connection.
• Requires standard power outlet
• Apple: Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running iOS 11 or later.
• Android: Compatible with Android 5.0 or later.
• Ambient light sensor automatically adjusts display brightness
• Change photos with single touch bar on the top of the frame
• Send❤️ with a double tap on the touch bar
• 1 year manufacturing warranty
This really is a fantastic frame, it’s a winner in looks and value for money. With Father’s Day coming upon us this would be a fabulous item to give, especially as you can add photos prior to gifting for not only a special surprise but if the person you are gifting it too are not very tech savvy.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £149.00

This product can be purchased from the Aura Frames website here.

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