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Littledug Workstation By BIGDUG review


Reviewed by N Lock

My daughter received the Littledug 64 piece workstation and tool set from BIGDUG for her birthday, she was very excited because the box is bright and very well illustrated with pictures showing many of the tools we have at home. Having recently completed a building project the children are used to seeing a lot of tools being used and at last they get a chance to join in.

The Littledug workstation made a super gift as the fun starts straight away in assembling the LittleDug workstation. On unpacking the box it turns out that everything pictured is actually included in the set so there is no disappointment. Once I’d read through the brief but clear assembly instructions it was obvious that my daughter would be able to help assemble it in the first place – no waiting, she was delighted! There are pictures to show how many of each piece there should be and the process of sorting out all the pieces is a game in itself.

The assembly took about 5 minutes, even with help from the birthday girl and a toddler. The stickers are easy to apply and have stood up well so far without any signs of peeling. Even though the Littledug workstation is very light and made entirely of plastic it is quite sturdy and I think it will hold up to a lot of play. The instructions state that it’s suitable from three years, but our toddler is very taken with it and it’s actually a really good height for her to stand at and so she can play very happily under supervision and really join in with the big children whilst developing her fine motor skills. Both of our older children have also played with it a lot this week.

The workstation includes six types of hand tools; – a pair of pliers, a wrench, a spanner, a hand saw, a screwdriver and a hammer. There is also a vice which really works and a handy shelf underneath the workbench. Above the workbench there is a peg board panel with movable pegs to hold the hand tools, these have been rearranged several times already to suit different projects. There are also a couple of small hanging bins perfect for storing the nuts and bolts that form the basis of most of the games. The workbench top has many threaded holes in it and hours of fun have been spent screwing the plastic bolts into these. The spanner and wrench fit the bolts really well and don’t feel flimsy at all.

The Littledug workstation is perfect for occupying the hands of any would-be little helpers. It is light and easy to move about and our little helpers have fixed things all over the house which really fosters imaginative play. This toy is excellent value at only £19.99. It comes in an efficiently packed box with plenty of pictures on the outside and it would be a super gift to find under the Christmas tree.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19.99

This product can be purchased from Big Dug here.

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