Lexie Drew Handmade Baby Accessories, Christmas styles Review


Reviewed by N Lock

I have three little girls so I’ve spent a lot of time searching for things to make them look extra cute and this is the first time I’ve tried products from Lexie Drew who are a young company founded in 2019. It’s lovely to see a good range of colours for baby accessories rather than just everything being pink, although I do love pink. The Christmas themed accessories are cheerfully attractive.

I have got two styles of Lexie Drew bib, firstly the original bib which is a traditional shape baby bib. I like to use this when my baby is sitting up or at the table, it’s a deep green colour with a continuous print of reindeer silhouettes. I also have the outlaw style in bright red with trees and star print which is a triangular bib. I like to leave this type on for most of the day to deal with milky dribbles etc, babies are messy. Luckily both the outlaw style bib and the original bib are fully machine washable at 30 degrees. They are beautifully soft and flexible fabric with easy pop stud fastening at the back, lined with organic bamboo towelling which does a great job of keeping the baby dry even when she dribbles her whole feed over it.

The cute soft bow hairband which matches the original bib looks adorable on my baby. She is happy to wear it as its so gently elasticated, but it doesn’t fall off which is great. The traditional headband which is the same print as the outlaw bib also seems comfortable for the baby to wear but has also become a favourite of my older daughter who would probably nab the bib for herself given half a chance. We also have a lovely little bow slide in grey, red and green, which is perfect for holding back tiny fringes as its very light but grips nicely. I love that they are Christmassy but not so much so that they’ll look out of place after Christmas and will therefore be useful for a long time yet.

The Lexie Drew website is really well laid out and easy to navigate around with large pictures for each item displayed with minimal clicks needed. This is really important in 2020 because it hasn’t been easy to go out shopping and browsing in a gift shop isn’t really an option during a global pandemic. Lexie Drew has a huge range of gorgeous colours and styles for all their accessories. I especially love the dolly bibs and the colours and prints available are just that little bit different to what you’d normally find for baby accessories which can sometimes be a bit unimaginative. These are modern and unusual and feel a little bit special. They’d make a great gift for any baby or as part of a gift set especially when paired with one of the matching hairbands for Mummy!

Although they do cost a little bit more than some bibs, the quality is excellent and they are all skillfully handmade in the UK, the stitching is so neat and the finish is excellent.

Rating: 4/5

This product can be purchased from Lexie Drew here.


Original bib – £10.00

Outlaw bib – £8.00

Traditional hairband – £8.00

Soft hair bow – £8.00

Bow hair clip – £5.00

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