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Little Gibsons Superhero City Puzzle Review

Reviewed by Trish Bramhall

I am always on the lookout for ways to keep the grandchildren entertained especially in the holidays, this sometimes involves buying new toys.

I was pleased when along came this jigsaw puzzle for me to review from a company called Gibsons – not a company I had heard of before until this arrived. So I quickly checked them out online and discovered that the company sells lots of puzzles and games with plenty to choose from.

So the one that we received was Superhero City, from the Little Gibsons range. This is a lovely little 36 piece jigsaw suitable from aged 4 years +.

The puzzle comes in a very good quality box and will definitely last a long time with all the use it will get.

On the back of the box you get to see what the completed puzzle will look like, and inside you get a folded paper version. I’m not sure how long this paper version of the puzzle will last though, with constantly folding to put away etc. but if this did rip or anything you still have the picture on the box to follow.

You can either do the puzzle on top of the paper version or as my grandchildren decided to do was just place it close by to look at whilst doing it.

Superhero City is a very colourful puzzle showing a jam-packed town, and lots of animal superhero’s out in the town on the lookout for anyone who may need their help. Flying in the sky and even one super-strong superhero lifting a car!

My grandchildren aged 5 and 7 years set about the challenge of doing the puzzle together and then they decided to have a few goes at doing it on their own and see who could finish it the quickest. This is really a good quality puzzle, the 36 pieces are made from 100% recycled materials which is good to know, and each piece is a good thickness – not too thick, not to thin. You can tell these will last the test of time.

When the puzzle was completed the children talked about each little superhero. Especially my grandson who just loves any kind of superhero, his imagination goes wild… It’s great to listen to them having so much fun.

This particular jigsaw puzzle is in a good sized box that won’t take up much space if you was for example to take it on holiday, or if they we’re to take to a friend’s house, remember due to small parts they recommend adult supervision.

If you are after a new puzzle for the little one’s take a look at this company

Good quality and great value for money.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £9.99

For more information visit Available to buy from Amazon here.

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