Last-Minute Christmas Gifts from Emile et Rose Review


Reviewed by Kathryn Carr

Traditionally beautiful outfits for babies from Emile et Rose; cute, comfortable and cosy clothes for children this Christmas.

Buying for babies can be quite the challenge. It’s impossible to know what they have or what they (or their parents) would like. However, babies will always need clothes and that’s why I believe, as presents, carefully chosen outfits fit the bill. With a gift, you can afford to choose something a little more special. If you’re looking for last-minute inspiration, here’s a few ideas.

If you’re shopping for parents who dress their little ones in more traditional pastel baby blues and pinks, then Emile et Rose is a great place to start. Their clothes are more stylish than trendy and definitely practical rather than fussy.

My 7-month-old daughter has been wearing the beautiful, pastel pink Libby girls-all-in-one, which has an intricate rose design, diamanté decoration. As I unwrapped the packaging, I immediately held up the soft fabric to my cheek; it’s just so snuggly and certainly comfortable for my wriggly baby. The stretchy cotton is perfect for my soon-to-be little crawler and the outfit doesn’t hinder her playful kicking feet and arms that reach out to touch everything in sight.

The fabric also makes it easy to care for and it washes really well at 40 degrees. Several washes in and the all-in-one could still pass for brand new. Admittedly, I’ve insisted on bibs as we enter the weaning phase but the odd splash of porridge, yoghurt and banana has vanished. However, I have avoided raspberries when she’s been dressed in this beautiful, pale pink! The diamanté design hasn’t disappeared into the depths of the washing machine as I feared and baby still looks and feels as snuggly as she did on her first wear.

The Libby all-in-one doesn’t have ‘feet’ but as a fan of white, frilly socks, it hasn’t mattered, and my choice of footwear just adds to the cute factor; and this all-in-one is already very cute. With the recent cold spell, the leg popper openings has made for easy nappy changing without a need to strip baby right down. And, with press studs down the back, it’s really easy to get on (and off – especially when we’ve had one of those leaky nappy events every parent deals with every so often).

At £35, this outfit is a little pricey but you’re paying for a beautiful look that lasts and material that stays super soft. Emile et Rose offer a size guide on their website which is handy if you know the length and/or weight of baby but don’t worry if not, the sizes are marked up by ages in months and they’re pretty reliable. When this outfit gets a little smaller, as inevitably babies grow, I’ll use it as a cosy, babygrow for bedtime (a tip for really getting your money’s worth.) Tucked in her sleeping bag, she’s certain to be cosy and comfortable, and look super sweet. Rating: 4/5

During this wintery spell, my daughter has also been wearing Emile et Rose’s Fuzzy Pink Bobble Hat. It’s a real must-have for chilly, winter days and therefore spot-on for Christmas. The 100% cotton, pale pink complements any outfit and the cable knit, turn back rib detail shouts ‘cosy’. The hat feels so soft; I wish they had it in my size.

My two-year-old shouted, ‘She looks so cute’ when she first saw this hat on her baby sister. I have to agree. It fits really well too, staying put on her head; we haven’t had any incidents of her eyes being unintentionally hidden!

Emile et Rose sell truly beautiful babywear, all designed in their studio in Devon. Their website is a must for those looking for baby clothes of a perhaps more traditional yet timeless design.

The hat has washed really well and the bobble has remained perfectly intact. Gorgeous and an equally nice price of £12.50, makes it an affordable luxury and a thoughtful winter gift. Rating: 5/5

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