Lamaze Freddie The Firefly Review


Reviewed by Michelle Alexander

An absolutely brilliant toy with so much interaction for baby and toddler.

I gave this to my 6 month old grandson who loved it.  There is so much within this toy from an interactive and sensory point of view that baby and toddler will have lots to learn and discover from playing with it.  

It was easy for him to grasp the rings and wings in his hands both singularly or with both hands together.  He was also able to easily grab and hold on to its little legs and the teether that hangs from the bottom part of its body.

With so much to grab and play with in just this 1 toy, along with the noises, it is a great toy that is really helpful for his development, recognition and sensory skills.

He is still quite young to be able to press the squeaker himself so I done this for him.  He loved it!  He beamed with beautiful smile and he sometimes chuckled.  The first few times made him jump but he soon go used to it.

What makes this such a special toy is the fact that the back of the butterfly wings are in black and white, bottom wings are black and white stripes and the top wings are different black shapes with white background.  This is particularly great for babies under the age of 4 months as they do not tend to see colour until they are least 4 months, they can only see black and white with shades of grey, so this for me, makes it an absolutely well thought out toy with colours and an extremely great one as a progressive toy as baby gets older. 

The other colours are bright, vibrant and bold, so the contrast in colours works really well for teaching colours to baby as they slowly grow into toddler stage.

The good thing with Freddie, he is not too small for adults to hold and play with.  With my help, he can fly (how exciting) lol… I fly him around, above and around my grandson, shaking Freddie so he makes all the noises he can.

As you look at Freddie:-

1.                 Top left wing makes a crinkly sound along with 3 different materials for
                    for sensory play.

2.                 Bottom left wing also makes a crinkly noise and has a squeaky ball in
                    the centre of it and a velvety red circular patch, again, great for colour
                    and sensory play.

3.                 Top right wing also makes a crinkly sound with 2 different round sized

                    mirrors.  Lift this up to reveal another mirror that is an oval shape.

4.                 Bottom right wing again, makes a crinkly noise and has the addition of a

                    really cute little soft pouch that a teething ring goes in that’s connected 

                    by material so it does not fall out.

On the head of Freddie is an easy clip and go ring that can attach to any seat belt, reins etc.

As with any toy that comes with loose parts, you will need to make sure you supervise the child at all times.

Overall, to say I am pleased with this toy is an understatement and I would most certainly recommend anyone thinking of buying it to do just that.  It will certainly encourage focus and attention along.

Suitable from birth to 24+ months

RRP £10.99 and well worth every penny

Dimensions are approx: 25.5L Xx 6W x 30H cm.


RRP: £10.99

This product can be purchased from Amazon here.

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