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Kindi Kids Bella Bow Funtime Friends Review


Reviewed by Linda Curtain

This week I have entered the world of Kindi Kids and what a revelation it has been! Having received a Kindi Kids doll to review I was amazed at the whole new world my granddaughters and I have been missing out on!  Produced by Moose Toys – the company who launched the well known Shopkins toy range – this vast range of dolls and accessories is based on their time spent in the kindergarten they all attend. Complete with their own youtube channel, these dolls seem to come alive in front of your eyes.

The doll I received to review was Bella Bow – one of the fun time friends range. I was immediately surprised at the size of the doll – 10” tall and so appealing. Presented in a large, colourful box – which had lots of information of how to connect to their website for added fun – Bella Bow was a very sturdy doll with the most gorgeous,silky hair in shades of turquoise and bright pink. Complete with a large pink hair bow and eye catching party dress, Bella was ready to host her tea party. Her huge sparkly eyes added such character to the doll.

On removing her from the box, I could tell how well made this doll was. The arms and legs moved easily to pose the doll and enable her to sit down. We loved the way her head wobbled whenever she was moved. Her clothes and shoes were equally well made and easily removable so can be interchanged with other dolls.

Each doll in the range comes with two accessories to enhance imaginative play. Bella Bow had a teapot and teacup as she loves to entertain when at the kindergarten. Again these accessories were well made and very sturdy to withstand toddlers handling. My granddaughter was amazed at how the doll could easily hold the teapot and when tipped, tea appeared to pour out from the spout. The movement of her head during any interactive activity added such realism to the task.

Although fun to use as a stand alone toy, when added to other dolls and accessories in the range, the scope for imaginative play is vast. With a range of dolls including snack time friends and dress up friends plus pets and shops this is sure to open a whole new world to your preschool child. There is even a Kindi kids mini range for children who prefer a smaller scale play set.

The youtube links are great – it was magical to see the doll you actually have, playing ‘live’ within their kindergarten and their individual characters really came across. Also be sure to check out their website where there are lots of downloads and additional product information.

I could certainly find no negatives with this amazing product. I think my granddaughters birthday request list has certainly grown longer!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £25

This product can be purchased from the Moose Toys website here as well as many other high street and online toy stores.

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