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Kiddylicious Weaning Wafers Review

Reviewed by Victoria Linney

These wafers are designed so that babies as young as 6 months can enjoy snacks made by Kiddylicious.

They are made using rice flour so are gluten free and we had 3 favours to try; blueberry, banana and carrot. The packaging makes them great for when you are out and about as there are 2 wafers in each pack. They are also a great size to be held by little fingers. But you can easily snap them if want to give smaller pieces. Don’t be put off by how the wafer looks… my friends 14 year old daughter said they look like budgie food! Meaning like cuttlefish, I suppose I can slightly see her point lol.

My 11 month old was very impressed with these snacks though.

We started with the blueberry ones, which as she wolfed it down in seconds I am taking that to be a big thumbs up! We have also tried the blueberry one dipped in yoghurt and this was also a hit. Kiddylicious suggests that as well as on their own to try dipping in fruit purée or yoghurt. Obviously this makes things a little messier but I reckon that once my daughter gets older she will still love this option.

My daughter also enjoyed the banana flavour although with less gusto than the blueberry but she can often be funny with banana flavour in all honesty. I think the banana ones will work especially well for babies just starting out with food.

The carrot ones were as much of a hit as the blueberry and were scoffed super quick too.

Kiddylicious advertise the wafers as no mess. Although I don’t believe anything is mess free I was very impressed with these wafers. My daughter likes to break snacks in half and you really do only get a couple of crumbs when you snap these wafers. They also dissolve really easily in the mouth, so we didn’t end up with mashed up bits stuck to my daughter’s sleeves, always a bonus!

I will certainly be purchasing some of these wafers, especially the blueberry ones as they seem to be my daughters favourite (for now). These are excellent snacks for when you are out do to the packaging and as they really do make less mess than other snacks. In fact we let my daughter have one in her car seat as we got stuck in traffic and she was hungry. Only a couple of crumbs needed to be brushed out car seat on arrival at our destination. Very impressed with that.

This product is great value for money. They are sold by flavour in packs of 10. As they are twin packs you get 20 wafers for £2.00 in Tesco. In my view a bargain and will be stocking up soon.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £2 (per flavour, box of 10 twin pack)

Available to buy online from Kiddylicious here.


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