Infacare Night Time Baby Bath Review

InfaCareBabyBathInfacare Night Time Baby Bath

Reviewed by Victoria Linney

After testing the Ultra Mild Infacare Baby Bath, I was looking forward to trying this night time baby bath too. The packaging once again was very sturdy with an easy open lid, but not so easy to open that the liquid would spill out. The bottle is a lilac colour so would also stand out on a shelf. The directions for use are on the bottle and very easy to follow. After a small squirt of the night time baby bath under the running tap I was hit with a lovely lavender type scent and plenty of bubbles. My daughter enjoyed the bubbles and this product had no adverse effect on her skin, which is very impressive as she has previously suffered from eczema which has been exacerbated by other baby bath products in the past.

The bottles does say that the scent helps baby relax, The scent is lovely, however my daughter goes mad with splashing in the bath so I don’t think it helped her to relax any more than a bath without it would, but that is not to say it wouldn’t have that effect on other babies, it is just that during a bath my daughter is in no way relaxed at all as she just loves having fun in the bath.

I will be using this product again for sure and would most certainly recommend others to use the night time baby bath.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £3.49 (750ml)

Available to buy from Boots stores nationwide or online here.


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