Kiddylicious Toddler Meals Review

Kiddylicious Meals

Reviewed by Julie Jessup

I could just imagine my 15-month-old granddaughter smacking her lips when my box of Kiddylicious dinners arrived for her to try. She used to be a really good eater but all of a sudden has become rather picky and she really will not eat many baby/toddler meals.

She has always been a fan of the snacks but never tried the meals.

I was very pleased when 8 meals turned up, the pictures on the packets looked very delicious, in fact they sounded good enough for adults to eat!

The meals they sent were two each of Veggie Lasagne, Beef Lasagne, Chicken Tikka and Beef Hotpot all these meals are recommended for 12 months plus.

She has tried each one now, her favourite being the Beef Hotpot she kept saying yum with every mouthful. She was unsure of the veggie lasagne I think due mostly to the texture more than the taste but after a few mouthfuls she was well away. She usually only eats half of a prepared dinner, but I am happy to say she ate the whole portion of all four different meals. I also tried the meals as I would not give her anything without having a little taste myself and I could taste all of the flavours and ingredients used. They are extremely tasty.

None of these meals contain any extra salt or sugar, they have no artificial ingredients this is what we are on the lookout for when we buy these meals for our children as we know how much damage too much salt and sugar can do.

The Veggie Lasagne is part of your child’s 2 out of 5 portions a day. It is a source of protein and is not mushed up but layered, just like the lasagne we eat. The vegetables included are carrots, butternut squash, onions, red peppers, sweetcorn and courgettes. How good does that sound?

The Beef Lasagne is part of your child’s 1 out of 5 portions a day. A source of protein and again presented as a lasagne should look. It contains minced beef, carrots, onions, tomato puree and cheddar cheese. Obviously both lasagnes contain pasta sheets.

The Beef Hotpot is 1 of your child’s 5 a day and is gluten free and dairy free. This meal contains, mince beef, potatoes which are sliced on the top, carrots, swede, peas, onions and tomatoes.

Now for the Chicken Tikka, this is part of your child’s 1 out of 5 a day, a source of protein and gluten free. It contains cooked brown rice, chicken, tomatoes, onions, and single cream.

All of the meals contain herbs and spices for added taste. They all have bite size chunks which are easy for your little ones with their new teeth to chew.

All of the food needs to be stored in a dry place away from sunlight and cannot be frozen. If your child does not eat the whole portion, then it must be thrown away.

These meals are ideal for the busy mum who really does not have the time to cook meals for their children, but still want them to have the very best. These are certainly better than the meals I can make.

Kiddylicious have such a wide variety of meals and fun snacks, something for every child’s tastes.

The company started off in a kitchen in Ealing, West London in 2009 and they are now a global award-winning tasty snacks and meals brand for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Their products are sold in every major supermarket and are available in 27 countries. They are always updating their range.

This company really is fantastic and is the only pre-made meal I will be serving my granddaughter. They have a wonderful website with so much formation about all of their products and the ages these are for. They have information about nutrition and development, a fun and interesting section as well as a blog.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £2.30

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