Juicy Kisses Fun Bag Review


juicy_kissesJuicy Kisses Fun Bag


Reviewed by Danielle Partington

On arrival the Juicy Kisses Fun Bag from Hope and Greenwood, purveyors of splendid goods, was very appetising. They were in a clear wrapper with the sweets on display which made them mouth wateringly tempting! The bag was held closed by a red bow and a heart shaped card that reads “I Love You More Than” with a space to write a name. The bright red sweets and matching ribbon made them an attractive choice that would stand out in a shop and perfect to buy as a gift, especially with Valentine’s Day fast approaching.

The juicy kisses fun bag only got better as once open and tasted, they were delicious! Soft and juicy little lips that are very moreish.

I would definitely recommend these and buy them again! Very fairly priced also.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £3.99

Available to buy from Hope and Greenwood here.


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