Juice ‘Out Out’ Selfie Light Review


Reviewed by J Wright

Life has been hard in the last two years and social lives have been constricted so it’s really nice to go out, really out. Which is how the Juice ‘Out Out’ Selfie Light got its name. All dressed up and plenty of places to go! When we do get to go out it’s nice to record the moment for posterity, a quick selfie grab once ready to go and party or grabbing a friend to catch the moment on camera. With the festive season just around the corner there will hopefully be even more moments to capture, which is where the Juice ‘Out Out’ Selfie Light might just save the day.

Lights like this are growing in popularity, with more flexibility than a phone flash which often leaves red or white flashes in the subjects eyes. With popularity comes competitive prices and this light certainly is competitively tagged at just £5.00 on the Juice website.

The Juice ‘Out Out’ Selfie Light is really simple to use, there’s a clip peg which fits onto your phone, wherever you’d like to place it and even fit over my quite bulky phone cover. The same applies to tablets and even my laptop, so it really helps for social media such as TikTok, Instagram and everything else you could think of.

There are three brightness levels and we found they were quite distinct to create different ambience in each image we tried.

My teen daughters really took a shine to this gadget, both begging to be the one who would get to test it most or get to smuggle it away after.

The battery, once charged, should last 45 minutes which is generally enough to record or photograph your shareable moments.

The Juice ‘Out Out’ Selfie Light is USB powered which is really handy, you could boost the power on the move with a power bank and keep on snapping. Otherwise of course you can plug into a USB plug or charging space. The smaller end which connects to the light charges by popping the wire through the clip and into the base of the light. This is the only glitch I can perceive, it means you couldn’t use it whilst charging as there’s no space left to fit a phone between the clip edges. It might not matter for most but worth knowing.

I rarely worry about specifications for personal use but many review readers might be looking for that kind of information, especially if you’re ordering online so I searched the Juice website to find out more. This clip on light has 3W power and dimensions of 4w x 2.4d x 5.9h, a little shorter than my thumb. So it’ll pop away tidily in a pocket or handbag. It has quite rounded edges so it’s less likely to scratch other things it travels with.  You’ll find a one year warranty included with the Juice ‘Out Out’ Selfie Light which is always reassuring.

This would be a great Christmas stocking filler this year for the young social media and selfie addicts in your life, or anyone with lighting needs for photo or video.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £5.00

This product can be purchased from the Juice website here


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