Johnson’s Baby Products Review


Reviewed by Amanda Hayes

I have been using Johnson’s Baby products for many years as my son is now 7 years old, I also remember my mum using them on me, especially the shampoo. Of course, they were around long before that, more than 125 years in fact. Over the years the products have been refined and perfected into the great range they have today.

I was sent three products to test out, the shampoo, lotion & baby oil. The shampoo is already a current favourite in our house and is used on a regular basis. Coming in both 300 & 500ml bottles I find hardly any is needed per wash and therefore the bottles last ages. The tear shape bottle I really like, even the larger one fits into the hand well and with the integral push to open lid you can squeeze the shampoo out with one hand whilst supporting your child with the other. A pea shape amount is enough for my son’s hair and it doesn’t over lather so its easy to wash out which is lucky as even though he is 7 he still hates having his hair washed! The “no more tears” logo on the bottle holds true and even if it does get in his eyes, it doesn’t sting or make his eyes read in any way. The shampoo is a real winner for us and I’m sure we will be using it for years to come.

Johnson’s baby oil was the product I used for my son’s early years moisturising due to his eczema, it rubs into the skin well with no sticky residue leaving the skin lovely and soft. Now, whenever we get a flare up a few drops go into the bath to keep it under control. I must admit I love a few drops in the bath myself, it really does make your skin feel good, it is worth the extra bath cleaning removing the oily ring from the bath. These days we use it for a lot of other things as well as moisturising, from removing residue from plasters, soak and they come off without the painful rip, oiling sticking zippers and another useful and cost-effective use is using it as eye make up remover. It lifts mascara and eyeliner off effortlessly without dragging the delicate skin round your eyes.

The Johnson’s baby lotion was a product I had never used until now. It comes in a pump top bottle, which is very easy to use and is still the traditional pink baby colour you see on television. It has a lovely light fragrance with just a hint of the included coconut oil, and I found myself using it as a daily all over body moisturiser at a fraction of the price of my normal moisturiser. It worked into the skin well with no hint of stickiness. I can imagine that it would be perfect for your baby’s delicate skin.
The Johnson’s products are free from parabens, sulphates, phthalates & dies making them safe for yours, your child’s or your baby’s skin. They are excellent value for money at around £2.00 per bottle, and because they last longer there is less waste. We also use their bedtime bath in our bathing routine and I can highly recommend it, it has a great smell and plenty of bubbles without drying the skin.

We have found all the products, easy to use and cost effective and will be continuing to use them on a regular basis. 5 out of 5.

Rating: 5/5


This product can be purchased from TESCO here.

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