Ted Baker Christmas Gifts Review


Reviewed by Janine Rumble

Christmas is fast approaching and it is always good to get a few gifts ahead of time…this selection of Ted Baker gifts is an ideal gift for all those that like to wear make-up. Each gift is gorgeously packaged with beautifully decorated tissue paper wrapping the items and then placed inside the outer boxes, which are all uniquely shaped and not your standard square box, which is a highlight. The products inside are very stylish and the perfect size for putting in a make-up bag or handbag.

The range of products I sampled are part of the Boots 3 for 2 range and with their low prices, it makes them a steal and a perfect stocking filler individually or altogether as a Christmas present.

I sampled Heavenly Lips, ‘a pocket-sized packet of perfection for glamour on-the-go, contains a nude nail polish and a red matte liquid lipstick’, priced at £7.00.

Harmony Kisses, ‘a pocket-sized packet of perfection for glamour on-the-go, contains a nude lip crayon and nude lip gloss’, priced at £8.50.

And ‘The perfect stocking filler; adorn yourself in juicy notes and delicate water lily florals with this purse-sized Floral Bliss body spray’, priced at £4.00.

The ‘Heavenly Lips’ nude nail polish brings just a touch of colour to brighten up one’s nails. It goes on well and dries quickly. I would recommend doing two coats for better coverage. It is a long lasting and durable nail polish, it did not chip and still made my nails look freshly painted days later. The red matte liquid lipstick went on easily with the applicator but felt very sticky and some went onto my teeth. I loved the colour though, very Christmassy. It gave great coverage and lasted a while before I needed to reapply it. Although, as with most liquid lipsticks, it transferred onto my glass as I drank and left a residue.

The ‘Harmony Kisses’ nude lip crayon is brilliant. It is so easy to use, provides great coverage on the lips and is a beautiful colour, it enhanced the natural colour of my lips, giving just a hint of colour on the lips. This is great for those who want to colour their lips but do not want a bright colour. It made my lips feel soft whilst wearing it and afterwards too. It stayed on my lips for an hour or so before needing to be reapplied, the crayon is small and fitted perfectly in my handbag so I could reapply it throughout the day. The nude lip gloss was just as good as the lip crayon and again enhanced the natural colour of my lips and lasted a few hours before it required me to reapply it.

The Floral Bliss body spray smells lovely and the scent lasted hours before I needed to spray more on myself. The bottle is the perfect size and very light, perfect for keeping in my bag ready to use as and when I need it.

I would recommend each of these products as they are perfect to give or receive as a gift at Christmas. The low prices are a highlight too. You can buy many different shades of Ted Baker nail polish, lip crayon or matte liquid lipsticks and lip glosses, so you will be able to find a shade to suit. There are also different scents of body spray you can purchase, something suitable for all.

I give these products 5/5.



This product can be purchased from Boots here.

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