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John Adams Hotwires Electronics Set Review


Reviewed by DT (initials used to protect my childrens’ privacy)

I am very much a parent who will go out of my way to get hold of toys which have an educational value for my children.  This is because I believe that my children learn so much through play, especially products which keep them well engaged.   I am now 47 years old and I can remember playing with my electronics playset back when I was a child several decades ago.  I have always wanted to get hold of such a product for my children and so I think I nearly did a happy dance when I was told that this product was being sent out to review.  My twins, or ‘twinkles’ as I often call them, had their 9th birthday during the summer and I wanted it to be extra special for them this year.

The John Adams Hotwires electronics set arrived quickly, well packaged in perfect condition.  I didn’t feel that excessive packaging was used which is great for the environment.   Both of my twins couldn’t wait to get started.  We opened the box and familiarised ourselves with the contents.  The set comes with other 100 experiments.  I love toys that have excellent longevity and I consider this to be the case with this particular product.  The instructions booklet is well laid out and easy to follow.  I was relieved by this because I am someone who does get daunted at the thought of following instructions booklets.  This electronics set simply snaps together, making it perfect in my opinion for developing motor skills.

The first experiment my sons and I decided to tackle was  to build a real flying disk.  I say we but in reality one of my twins followed the handy instructions built the flying disk independently within a couple of minutes.   He, his twin brother and I then spent a good few minutes launching the flying disk and watching it go so high in our living room.

Other experiments we tackled were a sound activated light and a radio.  All of the contents of this electronics set have clearly been so well thought out.  I love the vibrant colours used – white, yellow, green, blue and red.  4 x AA batteries are required which are not included but I would think a lot of households, like my own, have available.  

Other experiments you can do using this electronics set include a burglar alarm and a lie detector. I have a feeling that we will enjoy doing those experiments just as much as the ones we have done so far.  Yes, we did both get stuck and sometimes have to refer back to the instructions booklet and rebuild some or all of the experiment, but I think this helps children learn the important skill they need in life of problem solving.

My son has actually worked his way through the instructions booklet doing most if not all of the experiments needing very little input from an adult.  This product is suitable for age 8+.   That said, we do enjoy using this electronics set as both a family activity and for independent play.  Whilst I think that this product could potentially, due to being such high quality, be passed onto another child I think that this product will be something which is a part of our household for many many years.

I would recommend John Adams Hot Wires to others as well as John Adams products as a whole, having been fortunate enough to be gifted one or more other John Adams products to review in the past.  All of their products I have come across have been clearly so well thought out and of huge educational value to my children. 

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £51.00

For more information please visit the John Adams website here

This product can be purchased from Amazon via the link below.

This review has been written as part of a wider piece of coverage about a Summer Birthday Celebration.   Do have a look out on the website for the other reviews that are a part of this coverage plus the main review-led article. At the time of writing this review, the review-led article is not yet online.

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