Joe McElderry at the Victoria Theatre Halifax Review

JoeMcElderryJoe McElderry
Set Your Soul Alive Tour 2014
Victoria Theatre, Halifax

21 March 2014


Reviewed by Catherine Fletcher

We have just got home after seeing one of the best shows ever, Joe McElderry. The 22 year old X-Factor and Popstar to Opera Star winner opened his show by coming on to the stage singing his favourite song from his first album, which is called Feel the Fire. He continued to sing a few more of his most recent songs, which to be honest  a lot of them I didn’t know, but they all sounded good  and made you want to dance, he then left the stage for a few minutes while the band played, he then  returned  dressed in  a  black suit and white shirt, looking very smart and gorgeous, and began to sing Unbreak my Heart, which he sang in part Italian and part English, this song was originally sung by Toni Braxton.

By now the audience were on their feet dancing, singing, and clapping. After that he started talking to the audience about his time in Pop Star to Opera Star TV show, which he said he thought was going to be all fun, but soon found out different, as they had to train for about 5 hours every day for weeks on end. At that he started to laugh saying you could tell it was vocal training as he had never gained a six pack. He then started to sing one of the opera songs he had been taught how to sing from the programme, called Nessum Dorma, he performed this brilliantly, I thought the audience were never going to stop clapping and cheering. After that he told the audience that it was time to take a short break, as he had been told the audience needed to go for their alcoholic drinks, which had everyone laughing.

Joe came back onto the stage in the second part of the show, and told us about the song he was about to sing which he had wrote himself. He was saying that you know when things go wrong in a friendship, or relationship, and you pretend that you’re OK and not bothered, when really you are, that’s what this song was all about, the song was called, My Memory of You. I thought it was going to be a really slow song and sad, but was quite fast and very enjoyable. He then said he would like the audience to have a sing back, which he called Juke Box Joe, and this was the third show to have had one, he explained that he would try and sing anything the audience wanted, anything of his, or any others, as long as he knew the words, laughing, he said a lady at his last show asked for a song which he had never heard before, asking the lady if she knew  who sang it which he thought might help, she said she didn’t have a clue. He started laughing saying it’s not as easy as you think. He then asked if anybody had any requests, all the hands went up, on asking an elderly lady what song she wanted, she replied  Dance with my Father, which he sang brilliantly. After a few more requests such as, Over the Rainbow, Somewhere My Love, which he sang without music and sounded brilliant, and performed them with such feeling , a lady from the front row went up to the stage  and passed her phone to him to look at her list of songs, he knelt down and had a little chat to her which I think made her night, after reading her list and making a  joke about the length of the list, he choose to sing Hero which was  from her list, this was followed by another request, Crazy Thing Called Love. He then continued to sing a melody of songs such as Sex on Fire, Valerie, Happy, Moves Like Jagger and a few more, this had the audience all rushing to the front of the stage, where they all sang and danced the night away.

Joe then said the show was coming to an end and thanked everyone for coming to see him and said that he had never believed in himself at the beginning of his career, but look at him now, so this song was to tell everyone you Never Stop Believing, this was followed by his final song of the night The Climb. The audience cheered and clapped for more, but a fantastic brilliant show had finally come to an end.

I can honestly say this is the best show I have ever been to, and I have been to a few. I will not hesitate in telling all my family and friends to go see this show, as the lighting, the band, who were also his backing singers, were all fantastic, as was Joe McElderry, I will definitely be going to see this show again.

Rating: 5/5

Joe McElderry is currently on tour around the UK, for more information, tour dates or to book tickets visit www.joemcelderryofficial.com.

Victoria Theatre, Fountain Street, Halifax HX1 1BP | Box Office: 01422 351158


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