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Joby Freehold Universal Kit Review


Reviewed by Jane

This arrived well protected and the box immediately told me that it is -a gadget for my phone. Presentation is good. The box is clean white cardboard box with coloured pictures on the front together with the company logo and trademark. These pictures immediately inform you of what is present inside the box. As well as these coloured pictures on the front, there are also instructions as to what you can do with each of the parts.

On one side of the box in French and English together with four pictures is information in how to attach the finger loop attachment to the back of the phone. Finally, on the back of the box are again pictures and instructions on how to hold the phone using the finger loop attachment and then what you can do with the flexible wrapping arms and how to connect to any tripod.

Also on the back of the box is information on where you can find the company on social media such as their website, twitter, Instagram, Facebook and you tube so certainly social media friendly. Below this are details on what you should do and what you should not do when attaching the kit to the phone. This information is in both English and French. This information is really important so not sure why it is such a small font. I was disappointed that no tripod is included but for the price I actually would not expect one.

The three pieces of kit are safely packaged in a plastic mould inside the box and easy to get out. I followed the instructions and cleaned the back of my phone with an alcohol wipe (would be good to have one with the kit), and then attached the finger loop attachment. It is easy to do and once pressed onto the phone I was surprised how secure it felt. I placed my fingers into the loop and held my phone at different angles with my finger and the attachment did not fall off. I then added the wrapping arms attachment which was again easy to do and I enjoyed wrapping my phone around various objects in the house. The wrapping arms are so easy to wrap and unwrap that you can immediately take a photo and the unwrap the arms and move the phone to another spot. I found I could set my camera on video and leave securely and be able to watch my cat licking her paws oblivious to the fact someone was watching her. My immediate thought was that it would be great at the front of the bike but that unfortunately is one place you are advised not to put it which is a shame, but I decided not to test out why it was not advised as mentioned that it cannot tolerate vibrations. If you had this kit you would want to get the tripod or gorilla pod as it is called if you buy it from the same company, as this just increases the range of things you can do with your phone. Since I first got the kit, I have updated my phone so I was very pleased to see that I can reposition the finger loop attachment to my new phone and the website states that I can also change it onto another phone as the sticker last three adjustments which I am delighted to know as it should last me a few years.
Those of you who are interested in Vlogging, live streaming tik tok, then this is ideal for you – a must have!

It is certainly worth giving as a Christmas gift for someone who has a phone and enjoys gadgets and wants to or already does do Vlogging and tic toc as it makes streaming so much easier. However, it is also worth giving to someone who normally does not get additional gadgets but enjoys taking photos. Ideal for a stocking filler for all ages.

Rating: 4.5/5
RRP: £26.95

This product can be purchased from JOBY company and Amazon.

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