Jimmy’s World Grill and Bar Wimbledon Review

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Wimbledon, London

Reviewed by Natalie Copson-Mayo

Jimmy’s World Grill is a chain of restaurants that operate a buffet system for a set price.They serve Indian, Chinese, American, Mexican and Japanese food. There are starters, mains and desserts from these different cultures. A select few are only available in the evening, however there was more than enough different dishes to choose from for a lunchtime. As well as the self-serve dishes there are ‘live stations’ where you can choose a selection of ingredients and have them prepared by the chef.

The restaurant itself was extremely big with different sizes of tables and booths.

From the outside the restaurant looked stunning. The front was formed entirely of windows so you could see the whole restaurant from the street, which was great to peek at before we went in. On entering the restaurant we were greeted by a friendly man who showed us to a table.

The restaurant looked clean and well looked after. The tables were nicely presented and the staff well groomed.

 The manager then came over and gave us a quick brief on how the restaurant works and all the different types of food etc. This was great and unexpected, however he understandably can’t do this with every table. Drinks orders were taken and they arrived promptly with no problem.

The food itself was outstanding. For a buffet with so many different dishes and customers the standard was well above average in my opinion. Once we had finished the food on our plate, it was taken by a member of waiting staff. At first, they were very prompt with this. However as it got busier the amount of time we had to wait for our plate to be cleared increased even though some staff appeared to be at a loose end.

Halfway through our meal I needed to use the ladies. I looked around the restaurant and couldn’t see a single sign for the toilets. After asking, I climbed the stairs to the loos which were very modern and well decorated. Maintenance appeared to be a slight issue as bins were overflowing (they had only been open an hour) and my partner said there were no lights in a cubicle in the men’s toilet. There were also no baby changing facilities that were accessible to men, only one baby changing unit in the ladies toilet.

When it came to dessert time, I loved the layout of all of the different cakes and treats. It looked amazing. The desserts themselves were not to my taste. The ‘Tiramisu’ and ‘Strawberry Cheesecake’ were more like flavoured blamanges than the traditional puddings. However, once again, there was a wide and varied selection.

At the end of our meal I found it difficult to catch a waiter’s attention, although they were very busy as it was lunchtime.

There was a large selection of drinks, all fairly priced. I still cannot believe how varied the selection of food was. Truly amazing for a very reasonable price.

Overall, a very positive experience. We came away feeling more than satisfied and I will definitely be returning.

Rating: 4/5

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4 Star

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