Jimmy’s World Grill Bath Review

The finest international cuisines under one roof!

Reviewed by Jennifer Hopkinson

On Sunday 11th June, my family and I visited the beautiful city of Bath and were fortunate to have lunch at Jimmy’s World. Jimmy’s world offers you an ‘all you can eat’ buffet food from India, China and Italy, as well as items from the grill such as steaks and burgers.

Jimmy’s World is located in the centre of the beautiful city of Bath opposite the bus station and just a stone’s throw away from the train station. If travelling by car, there are a number of car parks both in the city centre and just a short walk away.

Unfortunately, upon our arrival the lift was out of order and we had to carry our pram up 3 flights of stairs. However, when we went to leave, we were offered the use of the service lift by the manager. We were greeted immediately and despite being early for our reservation we were seated straight away. The staff were very attentive coming to take our drinks order within a few minutes of being seated. They were quick to take plates and clear tables and there were plenty of staff on hand if you needed anything. As this was our first visit to Jimmy’s, I would have appreciated a member of staff explaining how the buffet worked and where we could get plates from or if we needed a ticket in order to get the food. However, once we had asked we were able to go and get our food at our leisure.

They offered a fantastic range of food choices at the different stations and cooked stir fries, steaks, burgers and pasta dishes to order. The buffet was never empty and was continually being replenished when things got low. The food had good flavour and was enjoyed by my family. Whilst condiments were available they were limited and needed to be checked and cleaned more often having found an insect in the vinegar bottle. Information about allergens were available at most stations however you were advised to speak to the chef if you had any concerns over allergens. Having a little one with an intolerance to nuts this was key when selecting food and not all the chefs were aware if any of the food contained nuts. This concerned me and meant that I was unable to take the risk with a lot of the food on offer. This would be easily solved with further training to staff.

Overall the restaurant had a good atmosphere and served up a good choice of food that was good value for money. It is ideal for students, young families and tourists. We give this meal 3 stars out of 5 stars.

Rating: 3/5

For more information or to book a table visit

Jimmy’s Restaurants, 6-8 Dorchester Street, Bath, BA1 1SS | 01225 426802

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