Jelly Belly Review


Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

Reviewed by David Savage

Jelly Belly jelly beans were invented in 1976. They were the first jelly beans to be sold in single flavours and to come with a menu of flavours. The original eight flavours of Jelly Belly jelly beans introduced in 1976 were: Very Cherry, Root Beer, Cream Soda, Tangerine, Green Apple, Lemon, Liquorice and Grape.

In my opinion Jelly Belly jelly beans are the best flavoured jelly beans on the market. Whether eating individually or mixing a combination together to make new flavours the taste is always great. Plus there is the added bonus of trying to make your own great flavour my mixing them together.

I recently tried the 20 individual flavours box set and the Beanaturals flavours.

Jelly Belly 20 Individual Flavours 250g Gift Box
This gift box is a great idea. The jelly beans are each separated into their own compartments depending on the flavours. Supplied in the box is a menus & recipes leaflet which shows you each flavour (over 50 official flavours, plus sours, rookie beans, ice cream parlour mix, Sunkist citrus mix, smoothie blend and soda pop shoppe) and has some recipes to make things like blueberry muffin flavour.

The taste of these jelly beans is great and they are full flavoured and mouthwatering leaving you wanting more and trying out different combinations to make your own flavours.

Apart from the pack size I tried, there are also a large variety of packs from small packs for children, gift boxes, jelly bean dispensers right up to hamper sized gift packs. So something for every Jelly Belly jelly beans lover.

Jelly Belly Beanaturals
These are available in 20 individual flavours but with no artificial flavouring or colours. Again they have the same great taste as the original flavours and can be mixed to match great new flavours. These also come in different sized packs up to hamper size so nobody will feel left out. If you prefer your sweets that are ‘free from’ then these are ideal. I usually find things that are ‘free from’ lose something in the flavour but these had the same great taste and could not be faulted.

If you haven’t tried Jelly Belly jelly beans yet go out and get some, they are absolutely great! Whether it’s the original flavours or the Beanaturals you will not be disappointed. They are definitely worth paying that bit extra for and a great treat.

Rating: 5 out 5

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