Jelly Belly Sparkling Wine Jelly Beans Review


Reviewed by Darryl Ryznar

Jelly Belly jelly beans immediately transport me back in time to my school days – someone would bring in the little pearls of delight for a fancy playtime snack, and you would select your favourite colour, hoping (with fingers crossed) that the red jelly bean in your hand wasn’t a dreaded red-hot cinnamon bean! Well, luckily, since then Jelly Belly has gotten bigger and better (as have my tastebuds!)

Back here in 2018, Jelly Belly, home of the infamous jelly bean, are currently celebrating the launch of their latest flavour jelly bean – Sparkling Wine. The new flavour has been launched alongside their Draft Beer and Tabasco flavoured beans.

The Sparkling Wine jelly beans themselves are almost gold in colour, complete with a lovely iridescent shimmer, resembling the foam on the top of a glass of fizz as it settles. The floral yet fruity sparkling wine flavour really shines through too – Jelly Belly really have managed to capture the essence of champagne, minus the alcohol (win!)

The packaging is very cute too. The beans are housed in a plastic green bottle, made to look like a little bottle of fizz, complete with gold label detailing and ‘bubbly’ label, however this little bottle of bubbly is filled to the brim with tasty treats rather than the fizzy stuff!

I’ll definitely be stocking up on these for Christmas presents this year – the compact novelty container means that they would make the ideal addition to a larger gift, stocking filler, secret Santa gift, birthday present or even wedding favour, these little bottles of glee are as tasty as they are fun!

A fabulous little bottle of joy – cheers to Jelly Belly!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £12 (3x 42g bottles)

Jelly Belly jelly beans are vegetarian and free from gluten, fat, gelatine and dairy. For more information or to buy visit their website

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