Doidy Cup and Doidy Bowl Review

Reviewed by Louise Watts

Feeding a baby is one of the most stressful things a mother will ever do. Will they drink or eat enough? Will they take from a bottle, will they take from a cup? If I go out, will my baby go hungry? Every Mum will have asked herself at least one of these questions. The truth is if a baby is hungry then he/she will eventually eat. However, if this can be made as easy and stress free as possible, then that has to be a bonus for everybody!

The Doidy Cup has won many awards over the years, including Made for Mum’s Silver Award this year. There are many reasons why the Doidy Cup is fantastic. Many mum’s find it hard to get their baby off the breast/bottle and onto an open cup, the Doidy Cup bridges this gap making it easier for baby and therefore providing a more successful transition ultimately resulting in a happy baby and as a result a happy mummy!

This unique cup is suitable for use from 3 months of age, although I would doubt how successful it would be for adequate volumes of fluid in a baby that young. The cup is slanted in design which means when the baby lifts it, he/she does so in a more natural upwards/downwards movement thus hopefully reducing the amount spilt!

I know with my own children, I always introduced a beaker at the same time as I started weaning with the hope that they would associate meal times and drinking from a cup together. I did not have any particular issues and they became more successful at drinking as they grew older. We used a Doidy Cup with them and it certainly reduced the number of spillages we endured, and all my children loved their Doidy Cup! Personally, I think the Doidy Cup is brilliant and the more baby uses it, the better they become at it.

I can hear you all thinking that this sounds great and therefore they must be really expensive. Normally I would agree with this thought process but on this occasion, I am pleased to say that cost is not a problem. Doidy Cups come in a lovely variety of colours, are tough and are dishwasher and microwave safe all for the grand price of £3.80 from They also offer a special price of £10.26 if you buy 3 at one time, making one cup £3.42! A bargain if ever I saw one!!

To compliment the cup, they also manufacture a bowl. Again, using over 70 years of experience, they have developed a baby friendly bowl with a slanted edge enabling baby to scoop food. Messy I hear you saying. Quite the opposite in fact as the bowl comes with a large suction pad on the bottom enabling it to be stuck to the table or highchair and therefore not flying all over the room. The bowl is made from silicon, making it soft and manoeuvrable which as a result means it can be rolled and transported for food on the move! Again, very reasonably priced at £9.99 per bowl it is well worth the money or you can buy the bowl and cup as a package for £12.50 which would make a perfect gift for Christmas for any growing young baby.

I would thoroughly recommend both these items for small children and the earlier you start the more practise they have! If you are stuck for what to buy this Christmas and do not want to buy toys and clothes for the sake of it, then I suggest you make a Doidy Cup and bowl gift purchase – your recipient (and their parents) will not be disappointed!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £3.80 (Doidy Cup) / £9.99 (Doidy Bowl) / £12.50 (Doidy Cup and Bowl)

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