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It’s Bananas! Review


Reviewed by Jane

The game came promptly in a brown cardboard box and was in perfect condition. The main colour of the box suited the game as it was yellow. The front picture tells you all you need to know, including the fact it is a game for two people aged 6 years and up. On the back of the box, it explains with pictures and words what you need to do and provides a list of the contents. The box opens easily from the side, with amusing captions such as “Time to start monkeying around”, though I was slightly worried by the caption on the lid -“warm up those thighs”. What was I letting myself in for? I checked the contents against the list, and everything was present. Written instructions are enclosed, and these are clear and easy to follow.

Before you can play the game, you do need to set up the game by getting everything ready such as the banana tokens, the two tails (which need to be inflated), the horseshoe shaped cardboard hoops which require a plastic stand fitted into the base of each hoop. There are six hoops so three for each player and all three hoops differ in height. These are brightly coloured being either blue or yellow or pink. On a flat smooth surface, these hoops stand up easily, but they must be propped up if on grass in the garden or on a carpet. The tails are inserted into a tiny loop on the black elastic belt which can be tightened around your hips. The instructions make it clear that the tail should hang at knee height. There were four of us, so we easily separated into two teams playing against one another. The sight of a person with a tail immediately makes you smile. One player spins the spinner to decide what challenge they have. There are several choices showing different arrangement of hoops, also whether the tail must point forwards or backwards. This is a sight to see. Before you start, you need to know what you can or cannot do, such as you mustn’t touch the tail with your hands and if the hoops fall off the tail or fall over, you can use your hands to stand the hoop up as you are using your tail to pick up the hoops. When you win your challenge, you receive a banana token and the first team to get three tokens is the winner. It is harder than it looks and very good for the thigh muscles.

I looked at the website and it has a video for how to play the game, but this is out of date as the hoops are different.

It is a game to make you laugh as everyone looks so funny squatting to pick up hoops with their tails and then maybe losing one. The game is very easy to follow, silly, but also quick so you can play it for half an hour in an evening or afternoon with friends and family.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £21.99

This product can be purchased from McMiller Entertainment here.

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