Introducing Chien And Co: Pet Care As Good As Self Care At Christmas

With more of us bringing pups into our families, Chien & Co Pet Care was created by veterinary surgeon, Dr Agnes, in London 2023 – and has taken the petcare market by storm. The latest offering in the range perfect for Christmas, is the gorgeous Blueberry Fragrance Mist for Dogs, (RRP £18/250ml). Ultra Long-lasting and cruelty free, it uses Vitamin E and Pro Vitamin B5 to neutralise pup odours for good, making grooming life way easier.

Chien & Co has a unique 3 step hair perfector process. Perfect for gifting, it includes: a deep cleansing aloe & avocado shampoo, a 2 in 1 luxury detangler/conditioner and the hero blueberry fragrance mist for dogs. If you have a 3-step process for your own skin, why not do the same for your dogs’ coat? 

Founder & veterinary surgeon Dr Agnes, felt frustrated after many years of treating dogs with skin irritations: “we need something more gentle and more natural, yet effective and backed by protein for longer term skin nourishment”. 

Chien & Co Pet Care’s truly unique 3-Step Hair Perfector process for Dogs used eco friendly packaging and contains proteins & natural ingredients for that softer, gentler and nourishing groom. Where luxury meets veterinary. 

  • Chien & Co is a British, female founded startup on a mission to create naturally derived, vet inspired, sustainable products, to make grooming life way easier and more sustainable. 
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