In a Rush to Big Data, We Forgot About Search

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A lot of people tend to think that in today’s world, big data and search are two separate things. In reality, though, search engines and big Data work well hand-in-hand. Search enables you to find and analyse data, regardless of where it is situated. Currently, organizations of different sizes use big data. However, problems are encountered when it comes to finding looking for things. The current technology is guided by trends, instead of being that piece of technology, one that solves problems. When your organization deals with big data, you need to interpret and analyse it correctly. This is where big data scientists come in. Data scientists help in with analysing databases, coding algorithms, and machine learning. You can mitigate risk by hiring qualified data scientists.

We lost indexing and search with the emergence of big data

This was used to be one of the most prominent problem-solving trends when it comes to data. Unfortunately, it was lost. The modern web started off with search facilities. Most probably this feature it could have been even smaller were it not because for the success of Yahoo and search portals in the late nineties. Search was undisputedly the one feature which that led to the introduction of machine learning and big data. Large companies like Google and Facebook also required a better means for organizing the large amounts of data they dealt with. Companies like Amazon enjoyed their success in the online buying and selling of goods because they invested much a lot in the search technology. Well, most companies still use the old style of searching for products. With an increase in data volumes, if you don’t invest in search, none of your clients will be able to will find anything.

Redefining integration

In the past, data integration in the past involved taking all your data and then dumping it in a common area. It began started off by building with databases, then moved to data warehouses, and now we have Hadoop. With this, we did moved far away from the indexed technology. Now the modern integration must now involve indexing and finding of data, regardless of where it is situated. With integration, you just need a search solution that can reach all of your data, including that in cloud storage. One of the worst scenarios you can encounter is having a search tool that only works with one data source, or one that cannot be applied beyond your firewall.

If you have big data, you need search

Search engines and big data work hand in hand. They can be a perfect combination. Having search engines in projects involving big data will enable you to tackle a lot of problems. It is therefore important to include search in any of your project plans. Any application that uses big data will benefit a great deal if it uses search engines to find, interpret, and analyse data.

You need to find things!

Remember any organization that deals with data will need to find stuff like files within the data. It doesn’t matter which. Regardless of the kind of data you have, it must be searchable. Data is loaded into a search engine to make it easier to search or to find when needed. We should not be just concentrating on the the handling of big data while and forgetting that files within the data have to be found. We can put all the available data we have in one place, but we need the tools to enable us to reach the right data in any place it is situated.

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