Impulse Body Mist Collection Review


Reviewed by Julie Jessup

I have always been a fan of the Impulse collection and was happy to try out the new look Impulse Body Mists. I was sent the whole collection so I could decide the best ones for me.

This particular collection was sent by Superdrug, however the Impulse collection can be purchased from so many places, online and off.

Impulse was launched within the UK in 1981 manufactured by Faberge accompanied by the slogan ‘Men can’t help acting on Impulse’ those of us of a certain age will remember this advertising campaign. They have come a long way since then. By regularly moving with the times and changing their packaging and aromas.

The bottles are very funky and match the names of the mists. They would look cool and trendy displayed in the bathroom. There is a body mist on offer for every occasion.

I will start my mist journey by introducing you to Burnt Marshmallow and Leather Jacket, this body mist smells very sweet and does remind me of marshmallows, but not leather jackets. The creation of this mist is spicy pink pepper, gooey marshmallow, vanilla and suede. I personally was not very keen on this mist. It was to sickly for me and rather overpowering. I tend to steer away from vanilla tones as these just do not suit me. The mist did not last very long about 2 hours, as the price is very reasonable I would not be concerned about spraying more. I was quite pleased it did not last long on me.

In its defence, I am an older woman and I would say this particular smell was aimed at the younger generation whom I am sure would love it.

Fizzy Apple and Festival Fields, what a wonderful name. It reminds me of carefree happy days. Now this one gets full marks from me, it really is my kind of smell. So fresh and clean smelling.

I am always drawn to citrus and fresh smells. The tones of this mist are crispy apple, freesia and a hint of vanilla, I can certainly smell the apples and freesias but not the vanilla. I was complimented by a friend when I wore this one. Once again it did not seem to last long so I had to have a few sprays throughout the day.

Purple Petals and Smoky Sky, I was very surprised by this smell as it sounded as if it would be rather overpowering, it is not. I found it to be very light and has a beautiful aroma of Jasmine and white gardenia with a hint of fresh nectarine. It is very feminine and my favourite of them all. Once again it did not last long, so a few more squirts did the trick. I feel this one would be a nice one to wear out during the evening.

Sweet Caramel and Electric Blossom, I was not very keen on this one, once again I feel it is aimed towards the younger generation. The tones are sweet caramel, vanilla and peach blossom so quite a different mixture. As the name suggests it smells very sweet, even though not overpowering as I expected it to be. Once again the smell was not long lasting.

Tropical Beach and Espresso, I was quite unsure about this one as I really did not fancy smelling of coffee. I can slightly smell coffee but not enough to put me off. This mist really does remind me of being on the beach on holiday, so a happy pleasing smell. I would use this one for everyday use and it was the only one I did not need to top up during the day. Saying that, it was not overpowering.

It is quite an usual smell but one I rather like. The tones are coconut and espresso a really good mix.

So quite a mixed bag of sprays and something for everyone. The pump bottles are easy to use. I have to say the person who named these mists has a very good imagination, even though I found some of the names rather long.

These are certainly worth a try and there are plenty of offers and bargains to be had.

I will always be an Impulse girl!

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £5.99 each (150ml)

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