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How To Rob A Bank Board Game Review

Reviewed by Joy Wright

We waited in anticipation for this game to arrive and couldn’t wait to get started. How To Rob A Bank is made by Jumbo Games, a Dutch jigsaw and game company founded in 1854 and designed by Prospero Hall.

We unpacked all the bits:

  • road pieces
  • little wooden figures
  • 45 bank robber cards
  • 15 bank cards
  • two sets of instructions in different languages

At first, we were a bit flummoxed by the rules, it looks and sounds so complex at first, but being board game fans we know it really helps to play through a little bit and it helps us to understand. We also found video on YouTube which helped us to quickly put ideas together and cement our understanding of How To Rob A Bank.

So we built the board. One of the things I like about How To Rob A Bank is that the box becomes part of the game pieces, not just a storage container. The road pieces fit together from four pieces and fit around the base of the box which is designed to look like a bank. So aesthetically it’s not just a conceptual bank, you can see it too. I really liked that, conceptual games are great, but a little visual flair is fun.

The game is played with 2, 3 or 4 players. One player is the bank and security guards, the others are the bank robbers. Both roles are fun though I probably enjoyed being a bank robber best because I could negotiate moves with my daughters to create the best teamwork.

There are cards which help you decide on and mastermind the moves which take place and then the game takes place over three rounds.

The board is dynamic and changes in each round, presenting new challenges and issues and the robbers get “free moves”. This means they can bring the getaway car round the building and throw bags of money out, just so long as there isn’t a pesky security guard nearby.

It took us three goes to refine our game play and really get to grips with the details of the game and then we could play without referring to the instructions and begin to slowly introduce tactical play.

How To Rob A Bank is suited for ages 10+ and everyone bar the little one in our house had a great time with it. The little one managed to participate by helping the bank moving the multiple pieces which he thought was pretty great, especially when the security guards had to race to the alarm or knock out a robber!

We’ve played this multiple times over two evenings already and I know it’ll be a challenge which joins our favourite family board games.

We think this game could be a winner for families and those who enjoy strategy games, especially because each player can see the board layout and everyone else’s intended strategy. Each player can discuss what they plan to do but of course – the player representing the bank can hear every word, so be careful how you go.

This could be a brilliant Christmas gift for the board game fan in your life!

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £27.99

For more information visit Available to buy from Amazon here.

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