How To Achieve Beautiful curls: This is Silk Hair Curlers Review


Reviewed by New_Mama

Like many women, I have tried endless methods of curling my hair to achieve bouncing curls. Often these are achieved only to fall out as soon as you have finished. I was therefore keen to try this heatless curler from ‘This is Silk.’ The company, who are already winning awards for their silk pillow cases, has launched their new silk hair curler made with the same mulberry silk. For those that have not come across the benefits of silk (I have been using a silk pillowcase for a while now to tame the frizz!) pure mulberry Silk uses its own amino acids to condition your hair when in contact with it. It is for this reason ‘This is Silk’ uses this beautiful material on all their product ranges (which also includes products such as eye masks, cloths, and headbands).

The package arrived like a little present. Wrapped in tissue paper with a silk ribbon bow and handwritten note from E the owner, it was certainly a delight to receive. One curler (from one of three designs; Noir, Spirit animal or Peach) and two silk scrunchies were included. The curler itself is unlike the usual curling electronic item and does not use any heat. Instead the curler is clipped to the top of your head (I used a large hair clip) and hair separated to the sides as if you were making pigtails. For best results it is advised to use hair which is a little damp and leave in for several hours or overnight. Knowing my luck with curlers, I straight away attempted to do it overnight and with damp hair in the hope of achieving the best results. Once the curler is attached to your head, starting on one side it is simply a case of wrapping sections of hair around the curler and continuing to do this down the length of the curler until all hair is wrapped (the wrapping method is just like you would do with curling tongs). This process is then repeated on the other side so all your hair is wrapped around the curler. Surprisingly, the hair stays attached to the curler well but for extra security the supplied scrunchies are added at the bottom. The whole process was a little fiddly initially but once you got the hang of it it is really quite simple and definitely no harder than using any curling tongs or straighteners. I have to admit I was a little sceptical about how the silk would ‘gradually curl’ my hair as if by magic. Sleeping in the curler was also far better than expected and not an issue as the curler is so soft and feels very luxurious against your skin. In the morning you remove the scrunchies and gradually ‘wiggle’ the curler away from your hair. The effect even on first attempt was, as advertised, big glossy curls. I, like many struggle to manage frizz and with the addition of a little of my usual product prior to applying the curler, the results were even more successful. Furthermore given your hair actually dries around the curler it is far more long lasting. So I can vouch for the fact that the silk curler really does magically curl your hair without the damage of heat!

Rating: I would give this product a rating of 4 out of 5.

RRP: £27.99

This product can be purchased from the This Is Silk website here.

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