HiPP Organic Little Nibbles Baby Snacks Review

HiPP Organic Little Nibbles Baby Snacks

Reviewed by Stacey Struthers


– organic apple elephant biscuits
– organic squiggly corn puffs
– organic tomato and sweet red pepper rice cakes
– organic plum and apple fruit bar with cereal
– organic peach and apple fruit bar with cereal

Little Nibbles is a range of organic finger foods specially created for babies, toddlers and small children.

I must admit to being reluctant at first about giving my baby "snacks". If they had their breakfast, lunch and dinner did they really need extra snacks? The word snack had bad connotations in my mind – what are these made of? What would be the benefit of giving my child these snacks?

Well I am happy to say I have been proven wrong. Both my baby and I LOVE the Hipp Organic Little Nibbles Baby Snacks.

There are no nasties in these snacks. For example the organic squiggly corn puffs simply contain organic cereals and vitamin B1. They have no added salt or sugar. I have to say I was quite surprised at how much my son enjoys them. He can easily hold the snack and suck/chew on it and this has really helped him learn to self-feed. They have also proved useful during teething as he can really munch down on them.

I will go as far to say these snacks saved my Christmas Dinner! Having fed my baby first, we all sat down at the table and when I suddenly realised it was unlikely he was going to sit quietly watching us eat! Out came the organic tomato and sweet red pepper rice cakes, which he happily munched on whilst we enjoyed our turkey!

The only thing I would change is the size or perhaps design of the packet of the rice cakes and corn puffs. I only give my baby one or two at a time. As the bags are 40g and 30g respectively this means they last quite a long time but the bags are not resealable. I would like to see smaller bags or even better a zip lock top to the bag.

These snacks are fantastic. They are great to have in your bag as a healthy snack but also keep your child entertained!

I shall definitely be trying out more of the range and will always have a snack in my bag.

Rating: 4.5/5 (would get 5 if they had a resealable bag!)

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